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Do you know about horror movies? Maybe yes. But do you know about Horror House games? If No, don’t mind! Just read this article Scary House Adopt Me to learn about a similar game. As per the google trends “Adopt Me” game has its popular user in countries like Canada, Australia and developed by uplift games based in the United States and the United Kingdom.   

Now, you must be curious enough to grab the interesting facts and details about the game, in brief. So, let’s proceed to grab that.

What is Adopt Me?

It is a multiplayer online game created by Uplift Games on the video game hosting platform Roblox. In this game, players pretend to be an adopted child and a parent who will care for a child. Now Scary House Adopt Me is an updated form of an acute caring game to a horror version. In updates in the Adopt Me game, caring is expanded to virtual house pets like cats, dogs, etc., but here the scary house part brought in this game some flavour of good and evil powers and thrilling experience for the players. 

And in-game, these virtual pets can be traded once the pet becomes most liked with other players to get monetary gain. Our research found that the Adopt Me series of games is safe for children seven years and above, but we suggest a parental guide would be better. First, let’s learn a bit about the founder of the game.     

Scary House Adopt Me Founder’s Details

Our research found, Adopt Me game is programmed by NewFissy and directed by Bethink. Although it is available over different platforms from where users can access it, you can grab its official launch from the Robox site. It is no different from other high user base games in its experience of the metaverse. As far as social media presence is concerned, Uplift Games is making its every bit in that direction. Let’s understand pricing and other processes.

The process to purchase and pricing:

As the normal process goes to play a Roblox game, you also have to go through the same process to play the update game Scary House Adopt Me. So follow the below-mentioned steps.

Pricing details: 

As per our detailed research, we have found that you don’t have to pay to play Adopt Me games. And even as you progress in the game, you can earn by selling your cared pets and assets.

The process to Purchase: 

  • Step1: Sign up for Roblox using available credentials.
  • Step2: Login to your account.
  • Step3: Search for the game.
  • Step4: Select the game.
  • Step5: Download the game or play online.

Note: Some of the steps mentioned above may vary with devices.


In a nutshell, the concept behind the Adopt Me is very interesting and a way to teach household chores. And now the Scary House Adopt Me version has complemented the game for thrill-seekers. But words of caution for parents to guide the children and notice their behaviour. 

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