Saxenda Prices at Online Canadian Vs USA Pharmacies

Welcome to our blog post! Here we will compare the price of Saxenda (weight loss insulin) at various online pharmacies in Canada and the USA. There is always one challenge that you might face – Saxenda online price. 

If you’re looking to buy Saxenda online from Canada then this post will provide valuable information. It will help you to make an informed decision. You will get all the information about the price of Saxenda from online Canadian pharmacies, factors affecting the price of it, and much more.

Price Comparison Of Saxenda Online From Canadian Pharmacies

As per different websites’ research, the average price for 5 pens/ 3ml Saxenda injectors from Canadian pharmacies is much lower. The prices of Canadian pharmacies Saxenda online vary significantly.

This happens due to insurance coverage, location, or prescription cost. See the numbers below:

  • Polar Bear Meds 5 pens – $515.25 USD
  • Canada Pharmacy 5 pens – $519.99 USD
  • Canpharm 5 pens – $519.99 USD
  • Canadian Insulin 5 pens – $545.44 USD

Price Comparison for Saxenda Pen Injectors At The USA Pharmacies

GoodRx analyzed various pharmacies in the United States of America. Their survey revealed that the average cash price for Saxenda 5 pen injection at a USA pharmacy is much higher. They are in four digits!  But, the prices of Saxenda pens injections at USA pharmacies also differ, ranging from $1345.77 to $1406.79.

It is a complex mix of factors that determines how much you have to pay for healthcare in the US. These factors include location, insurance coverage, and prescription medication prices.

Retail Prices without Free Coupon or Discount (Source GoodRX)

  • Pavilions pharmacy – $1345.77 USD
  • Rite Aid – $1365.76 USD
  • Costco – $1431.56 USD
  • Walmart – $1406.79 USD

Comparison Of Prices At Canadian And USA Pharmacies

The average price for 5 pen injections/ 3ml is significantly low from Canada. The average price from Canadian pharmacies is $530.61, while the average at USA pharmacies is $1,606.21.

Why Is There A Difference In The Cost Of Insulin Medication?

There are several possible reasons for the distinction in pricing between Canadian and USA pharmacies. Here we are listing some of them:

Negotiation With The Drug Manufacturers And The Healthcare System

The cost of prescription insulin medication from the USA is generally higher than from Canada. Drug manufacturers in the USA charge high rates. The prices of prescription drugs differ in the USA. This happens because they do not have a nationalized healthcare system. The location of the customer and insurance coverage plays a vital role in the price.

On the other hand, the healthcare system of Canada directly negotiates with drug manufacturers. They do this so that they can get lower prescription medication prices.

The Exchange Rates

The exchange rate represents the relative value of one currency in relation to another. For instance, if the exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the US dollar is 1.20 CAD to 1 USD. It means that for every dollar in Canadian currency, you can get 1.20 dollars in American currency. However, it’s important to note that exchange rates are subject to change and can differ between nations. Factors that affect exchange rates are as follows:

Relative Strength

The strength of a currency is measured by its exchange rate in comparison to other currencies. If the Canadian dollar is hypothetically considered to be a strong currency, it will have a higher exchange rate to a weaker currency like the US dollar. 

Cost Of Living 

The cost of living refers to the expenses associated with maintaining a certain standard of living. This includes the cost of necessities such as housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. 

Interest Rates by Central Banks

Central banks have the ability to raise or lower interest rates, which can affect the demand for a particular currency.

Inflation Rate 

High inflation leads to a decrease in the value of a currency and its exchange rate. On the other hand, low inflation leads to an increase in the value of a currency and its exchange rate.

The Economic Health of a Country

Countries with strong economies tend to have strong currencies. While countries with weaker economies tend to have weaker currencies. Economic indicators include the gross domestic product (GDP), employment, and trade balance. 

All these factors have a direct influence on the need for a certain currency and, in turn, influence its exchange rate. Understanding these factors enables you to make informed decisions.

How Many Generic Alternatives Are Available?

The Canadian government controls healthcare costs. They put a strong emphasis on the use of generic medications and insulin such as Saxenda. As a result, there is a higher availability of generic options for medications from Canada, which in turn leads to lower prices for consumers. In contrast, in the USA, the availability of generic alternatives for brand-name medications is descending. This results in more heightened prices for consumers. 

It’s worth noting that the availability of generic options can vary greatly depending on the specific medication. Some medications have a large number of generic options available, while others may have very few, or none at all. Overall, the emphasis on the use of generic insulin and medications from Canada helps to keep prices down. While in the USA the lower availability of generic options leads to higher prices for consumers.


In conclusion, the price of Saxenda, weight loss insulin, varies between online Canadian and US pharmacies. Online Canadian pharmacies have an average price of $530.61 for 5 pen injections/ 3ml, while US pharmacies have an average price of $1,606.21. This difference in pricing is attributed to several factors. 

Additionally, the exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the US dollar plays a role in determining the cost of the medication. Factors that affect exchange rates include the relative strength of the currencies and the cost of living. 

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