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Do you want to know about like-farming scams? If yes, don’t forget to read the below article Santorini Travel Scam.

Do you like to visit different places and always look for offers that will help you visit such places? If yes, then this article is for you; make sure you don’t miss any point in this article because we will discuss a recent travel scam. 

In the recent post of Santorini Travels, there is a post which seems to be fake. Many people from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States read this post and showed interest. So, let’s know more about Santorini Travel Scam.

How is it a Scam?

  • The post of Santorini Travel has clues of a like-farming scam. Like-farming Scams are the scams in which the artists use some tricky posts to get fame and popularity.
  • These types of posts force you emotionally to like and comment on them. 
  • The post of Santorini Travels is a scam because it offers very big gifts.
  • On the post, the address, contact number, or property info is not provided, which also proves that the post is fake and maybe the page also.

The above information is the basic about Santorini Travel Facebook Scam.

All About the Scam

On 9 April 2019, the “Santorini Travel” Facebook page posted a group of photos showing the Celebration of a ceremony. The post claimed that anyone who would comment and share the post would get the opportunity to spend a free-expenses vacation in the hotel. The ceremony was all about the grand opening of a new hotel situated in Greece.

The post claims that the winner can enjoy the holiday in a year anytime and apart from this the winner also need not worry about the flight and everything. All the things will be included in the package itself. 

Santorini Travel Scam – Why is it Trending

Santorini Travel Post have become popular because people are very excited to travel to new places and discover new things. But the suspicious things on the page have proved that the post is wrong. 

According to the research done by us, even the image of the post has been taken from some other sources, and the establishment date of the page is also not correct; the page is showing that the installation date of the page is old, but the actual date is different. So, along with the post, the page’s legitimacy is also suspicious, proving that the post is a scam. Santorini Travel Facebook Scam is not a small scam.


As per all the above points, it issues that the post and the page of Santorini Travels are not legit; it is suspicious, so before dealing with the page, do check everything on your level. The post has clues about Like-farming scams, and these types of scams are very common nowadays, even in the basic things. So, it is important to know about like-farming scams. Read more about farming scam here  

Please read the above article and let us know your views in the comment section.

All the information about Santorini Travel Scam is mentioned above.

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