Santa Paws Pet Sim X {Jan 2022} Know How To Collect It!

The article discusses Santa Paws Pet Sim X, a new pet and everything about the Game in detail.

What is a Pet Simulator? What is Santa Paws in Pet Sim X? Is a pet simulator a good and enjoyable game?

Christmas time is here, and every video game publisher releases their season’s special. This is a way to appeal to the festivity, attract players, and be in trend with ever-changing dynamics. The game companies also offer some exclusive new games, new skins, special editions of some games, etc.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X is trending in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, and worldwide.

What is Pet Sim X?

The third in a series of Pet Simulators is Pet Simulator X, following PS1 and PS2. The goal of collecting coins and pets is to unlock rare pets. Rewards can be used to buy pets from eggs or buy new game levels. New game levels will unlock as you progress.

Preston Smith created Pet Simulator 1, Pet Simulator 2, and so on, called the BIG simulator. The goal of this simulator is to accumulate as many coins as possible. 

To know details about Santa Paws Pet Sim X, read the article.

Other Details

The Game was developed and published by BIG Games. This Game has several series and additions to it. However, this is not a comprehensive list, as there are hundreds of games published.

The rewards that can be collected are:

  • Chests
  • Eggs
  • Pets
  • Hats
  • Biomes
  • Changelog

They also have background music. Pet Simulator is one of the best games developed by BIG Games. You can easily find codes to collect the rewards on the internet everywhere. There are so many pets and rewards that one can collect.

People find this Game interesting and enjoyable. Reviews are also impressive.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X    

It is a new pet introduced during the Christmas season. It is a Mythical pet in the Game. Players can collect this pet with the help of hatching several eggs. But collecting the probability of this mythical pet is very less.

You can collect this pet during the Christmas event. 

Stats of this pet are:

  • Dark Matter Level is between -360b to 368b
  • The level is -18b to 18.6b
  • Rainbow level is between 125b to 129b
  • Golden level is between -54b to 55.2b

Santa Paw is the pet with the best dark matter level currently in the Game.

All the above-given information about Santa Paws Pet Sim X was collected after proper research. We presented these details to better view a new pet in the Game, which you might like.


The Game is not new in the industry, and it has its loyal players. Every time a Pet simulator drops something new, it becomes a trending topic. It proves the worth of the Game. This means People like playing this Game.

Santa Paw is a new and exciting pet in the Game launched for just the Christmas event.

If you wish to know more about this pet, visit this link .

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