SandPaintingco Reviews (Jan 2022) Is It A Legit Portal?

The write-up reveals necessary guidelines relating to pros, cons, features, and SandPaintingco Reviews to check whether the website is legit or a scam.

Christmas is approaching near, and hope you all are planning to take some great moves to decorate your house during this festive season. Have you ever planned to decorate the walls with Sand Art? If not, then SandPaintingco brings a great opportunity for you. 

The people of the United States are curious to know more detail about this website and the products it deals in. We request our readers to check the details SandPaintingco Reviews and get the more authentic information. 

About SandPaintingco

SandPaintingco is a newly-launched portal that offers unique Christmas decorative items along with exotic sand arts. The company claims that it always tries to satisfy customers with superior sand arts and other decorative items to enjoy festive moods.

As per the company, the sand arts look stunning, and these will undoubtedly give your house an exotic appearance. Once you start surfing the site, you will come to know about top-sand arts like moving sand art, Eidolon series, series of dunes, classic sandscape, Masterpiece series of sand arts, and more. Besides sand arts, the website also deals in varied unique Christmas decorations. So, check reviews to know Is SandPaintingco Legit or not. 

Specifications of SandPaintingco

  • The url of the website is
  • Domain was created on 20-06-2021
  • The domain expiry date is 20-06-2022
  • Portal deals in Sandarts, LED lights for Christmas, outdoor and indoor decoratives.
  • Email address- Official address- 1024 Nanxin Road, at Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518000
  • Phone number- No phone number is available on the portal. 
  • Office hours- The office hours are between 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Shipping Policy – The shipment takes place between 3 to 35 days.
  • Processing time- The orders get processed within 3 to days as per SandPaintingco Reviews.
  • Social media presence- The social media icons are available on the portal, but these are inactive. 
  • Return Policy- The company maintains a 30-day return policy. Customers need to write to the company via mail before returning the merchandise. 
  • Refund Policy- The Company ensures a refund of payment within 5 to 10 business days.
  • Payment modes- The company, accept Payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, JCB.

Benefits of SandPaintingco

  • The company offers a wide range of Sand arts and other home-décor items.
  • The website is HTTP secured and it confirms online security.
  • Customers can avail the order tracking facility. 

Limitations based on SandPaintingco Reviews

  • The website is new in the online market. 
  • The trust score is poor.
  • The company does not maintain social media portals.
  • We don’t find authentic reviews of the portal online. 

Is SandPaintingco an authentic portal or not?

In this digital era, individuals are getting more dependent on online shopping portals. But, these portals often come with various fraudulent activities, and hence it is necessary to check significant aspects before opting for online buying. For SandPaintingco, we have checked the following aspects to determine Is SandPaintingco Legit or another scam. 

  • The domain creation date is 20-06-2021, and the age of the domain is just 5 months. 
  • The trust score of the portal is 1%, which seems very poor. 
  • We have noticed that the company maintains separate pages for shipping, return & refund policies, Intellectual property rights, etc.
  • The social media icons are present on the product pages, but all these links are inactive. 
  • It is tough to find authentic reviews due to the absence of social media handles. 
  • The Alexa rank is 13,61,740, which does not seem trustworthy.
  • Owners’ details are not available from the About Us page. 
  • We don’t find the phone number on the portal. 

SandPaintingco Reviews

While you are willing to buy any product online, it is necessary to check the feedback of previous buyers about the portal. But, SandPaintingco does not maintain an authentic social media platform from where we can get legit reviews. 

Again, we don’t find any online reviews of the website and home decoration items for Christmas that the company sells. Additionally, we feel that the website is new, and hence buyers are yet to make any comment about the website. Hence we suggest readers go through the ways Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed.

Final verdict

From the above SandPaintingco Reviews, we can conclude that the website is suspicious due to the absence of authentic reviews and reliable trust scores. We request our readers to check How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam in case of any scam.

Do you want to buy from SandPaintingco? Please share your views below. 

25 thoughts on “SandPaintingco Reviews (Jan 2022) Is It A Legit Portal?”

  1. Do not recommend, ordered a specific item only to wait 2 weeks and receive the incorrect item, that is much less expensive that what I ordered and now, noone will return my email to me sending this junk I got, back to them and getting a refund. I believe it’s a scam site, this was not sent in error, but on purpose to get over… the names and look of the products are not similar in any fashion.

  2. I ordered a Magic Mixie from them. I did receive a toy before Christmas, a cheap plushie, not a Magic Mixie and the packaging was horrible and severely damaged. An email to them resulted in an “apology” and an offer for a 10% refund. I thought i paid via PayPal, but the payment went directly to them and not through PayPal. I don’t know how they managed it but they did. I declined their offer and asked for a full refund. They have not responded to me at all after that. An expensive lesson in an effort to please a grandchild.

    • Hello Cynthia Buckler, feel sad, even kid’s products are not dispatched. It’s horrible. How they can manage to divert the payment? Hope your grandchild gets the desired gift soon from the genuine ones. Be careful to deal with such portals. Thanks. Take care.

      • OMG they did the exact same thing to me! They sent me a cheap knock off of a Scruf a Luv that they call “Skruff a LOVE”. Now they wont refund me unless I ship this pos toy back which will cost $50. I’m currently waiting for Paypal to refund me – I’m so annoyed

    • Yep, they did the exact same thing to me. I paid via PayPal. I threatened them with a police report and told them I was filing a federal mail fraud against them and that their sad website would be investigated and shut down. The charge was 94.98 and they offered me a 90.00 refund after escalating the issue to PayPal. I accepted since I did receive a couple of piece of crap toys. Bottom line….Do not order from this scam website! Its a typical bait and steal site.

    • I ordered the same thing, a Magic Mixies Cauldron and like you I received a cheap plushie that was only worth about $10 in my opinion and received it after Christmas, ordered on 12/6, rec’d 12/28. I have emailed them3 times with no response what so ever. Total ignoring me. Very disappointing as I paid them $50 and received a $10 item. So now I have $125 in Magic Mixies Cauldron as I found one in the store on Christmas Eve and not to have a disappointed grand daughter I purchased it. My review for this company is stay away, very disreputable and sorry excuse for a business but why should anything else be expected from China?

    • Same exact thing happened to me. The box looked like it cycled thru the trash compactor. I’m guessing I won’t get a refund either. This is poor
      business practice. Good luck with your refund request.

  3. I also ordered a Magic Mixies and what I received wasn’t what I ordered. I requested they refund me my money and in order for me to get 100% back I have to ship back the crappy toy they did send, at my cost back to China. I’m disputing it with PayPal currently!!
    I definitely feel like I was scammed!!
    Buyers beware!!! Do not purchase from them!!

    • Update!! PayPal gave me back my money!! The company emailed me to ask me to cancel my PayPal dispute. Uh, not a chance! They can suck a big fat one! Hope everyone who was scammed gets their money returned as well.

    • I wish i had that option! Somehow my payment never showed up on PayPal. I emailed PayPal to inform them and never got even a Thanks for the heads up. Sigh. Glad you got your money back!

  4. Do not buy anything from this horrible company! I also purchased a Magical Mixie 12.5 and on 12.24 I recieved a shitty nondescript plastic bag with a “skruff a love” in it – a cheap knock off toy of the popular Scruf a Luv super beat up. Now they’re saying they won’t refund me if I don’t return the cheap toy which will cost $50 to return. I’ve had to involve Paypal and am hoping I get my money back. THEY ARE BIG TIME SCAMMERS AND WILL RIP YOU OFF

  5. Add one more to that list. I also ordered the Magic Mixies and on Dec 24th received a horribly damaged package containing a Scruff-a-love. Upon requesting a refund I was told by one person that they couldn’t hold up to my “standards” but they were “cost effective. So cheap and rip off artists is what they mean. Got a 3rd response offering 30% refund and I keep the item. I refuse to click on the “item received” button and so far they have not been given payment. Will not be clicking it ever and will not be returning the item.

    • Hello Nathan G Herman, thanks for the detailed message. We feel nervous, buyers have to struggle with the order. It can be suggested, please check the portal reviews and then proceed with any transaction. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  6. This is a fraudulent website. Don’t buy it here. They spent a month sending me a wrong thing from China. The quality is very poor. After I sent an email, they replied to me very late. They said they would only give me a 30-50% refund. It’s unreasonable. Why should I bear half the loss for them? This is a fraud!

  7. I had the exact same thing happen to me. I ordered a Magic Mixies toy well before Thanksgiving and days before Christmas I received a cheap Scruf A Love toy that looked like it had fallen off a truck and been beat up, and had shady Russian writing on it. There were no labels indicating this was from the company I ordered from, adding to my confusion. They first offered me a 30% refund and after I refused upped it to 40 and then 50%; I told them to pound sand and am still working with my credit card company to get a refund. This is a complete ripoff site run by con men; do not under any circumstances order from them.

  8. Like everyone else here I ordered a Magic Mixies Cauldron and got pos Scruf a love in crushed box. They have now said they can only refund 50% as they have to spend their cost. Whatever that means. To get full refund I have to return pos toy at my expense. I refused to spend more of my money for their screw up. Do NOT order from this company it’s a scam!!!!!!

  9. I had ordered some Christmas decorations in January. After following up, I received an e mail informing me that the order had shipped and was on it’s way, however, I could not figure out the tracking notification. I just sent them a follow up e mail, and the sight no longer exists.
    Live and learn I guess


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