Sakuya Aut (Sep) One Of The Main Enigmatic Characters!

This article will provide you with detailed information regarding Sakuya Aut.

Have you heard about the character Sakuya in A Universal Time game? If not, then today, we are here to make you familiar with the most amazing and enigmatic character.

Sakuya is a maid who possesses tremendous abilities and powers that make her peculiar and special in herself. As a result, people Worldwide adore the character utmost. So, without wasting time, let’s dig more into the personality, appearance, abilities, powers, etc., of Sakuya Aut.

Who is Sakuya?

Sakuya Izayoi plays the character of the chief maid working in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which is headed by Remilia Scarlet. There she is the only human who is living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

She had played the same character in numerous games like Unconnected Marketeers, Immaterial and Missing Powers, Perfect Cherry Blossoms, Double Dealing Character, etc.

She is named Sakuya Izayoi by her mistress Remilia Scarlet. She essentially and purposefully took the position of a chief maid to manage the mansion.

What is the Personality of Sakuya Aut?

Following are the few traits of her personality being depicted in various games:

  • She acts like a spacey, but it is unknown whether it is real or just an act.
  • She carries a polite and pleasant behaviour towards the people she is close with, especially with her mistress.
  • She turns out to be very harsh and smack talk with the people she’s frequently annoyed with. 
  • She seems to have a lack of information on scientific concepts like respiration etc.
  • She is depicted as an atheist in few games.

What are the Abilities of Sakuya?

Following are the abilities that Sakuya Aut possesses:

  • Manipulating Time: She can manipulate time to influence the flow of time, for example, slowing, increasing, stopping, erasing time. She also has the power to present the existence of past and future both at the same time.
  • Manipulating space: She also can narrow or lengthen the space just like she made Scarlet Devil Mansion more abundantly spacious. Finally, through her power, she can create a time paradox in which she can make another Sakuya turn up in front of her, executing different actions. 

What are the Sakuya’s Weapons?

She possesses numerous silver knives with her amazing throwing skills. Following are the six different ways Sakuya Aut throws her knives (aiming with the mouse):

  • T (Reverse awakens): she teleports herself three seconds before and conducts a big explosion.
  • E (Unknown world): stops the time to throw the knives at random players.
  • R (Breaker barrage): stopping time to throw numerous knives at the enemy later.
  • V (Outside Sakuya’s world): accelerating the time she teleports herself near the enemy and throws lots of knives.
  • F (This…is…Sakuya): stops the time to hurl many poison knives at the enemy.
  • B (Sakuya’s world): hurling knives with no cool down after stopping time, giving her the advantage.


Sakuya Aut is an amazing character in AUT who possesses exceptional powers and great potential to fight with enemies. Her strength is her weapons and her ability to manipulate time. Being so powerful and adored character, it holds few mysteries. Visit here to know more about Sakuya

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