{Uncensored} Sai Kandula Parents: Who Is Sai Kandula? Check Full Details On His Wife, Age, And Incident

This article on Sai Kandula Parents was written to give you brief information about Sai and the crime that he committed.

Who is Sai Kandula? Have you heard about him before? What does he do? Why are people suddenly searching for him? What happened to him? Did he do something? The people of the United States are willing to get the answers to all the questions given above. Are you one of them? If yes, you are at the right place. The information about him will be given in the article ahead. So to get the details about Sai Kandula Parents kindly read this article with your utmost attention. 

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Who is Sai Kandula? 

Sai Kandula is a 19-year-old resident of Chesterfield. He is an Indian-origin man. His full name is Sai Varshith Kandula. This man is basically from India and had shifted to the United States for work. Not much information is available on the internet about his family and personal life. All that we have found out about him is that he is a 19-year-old man from India. Sai has recently been in the headlines of the US. The news about him has spread all over the globe and the people are willing to get the details. Let us read below to know more. 

Sai Kandula Chesterfield MO 

As per the latest information, Sai has been living in Chesterfield in the US. Recently he crashed a Haul truck into the White House barriers outside Lafayette Park in Washington DC. This incident took place on 22 May 2023 on a Monday. Soon the police and chief of communications confirmed that statement. This incident has created a lot of controversies in the United States. As the crash took place in the White House which is not a joke. Legal actions have been taken against Sai soon after the incident took place.  

Sai Kandula’s news on Twitter 

This news has spread all over the world like wildfire. Luckily no one was harmed in the crash. The news has been posted on Twitter and people across the world are shocked and are posting their reviews about the incident on Twitter and other social media sites. Sai was arrested by the police then and there. According to his LinkedIn page, he graduated from Marquette Senior High School in 2022. Ed Krassenstein posted about him on his Twitter where he gave his reviews about this unexpected incident. 

What was the reason behind the crash? 

This is one of the most-asked questions by the public. As per sources, this boy committed this horrible incident at such a Younger Age because he allegedly wanted to kill or harm President. After he crashed the truck he exited the vehicle and began waving a flag that authorities said had a swastika symbol on it. The truck also had duct tape and the nazi flag on it. Whereas there were no weapons found in the truck. As per sources, he was charged with assault, kidnapping, threatening to kill, harm a president, and destruction of government property. 

More about Sai (Wife, Family) and More

No information has been mentioned about his family and Wife. According to the reports he traveled from St. Louis to Dulles International Airport where he rented a U- Haul truck to crash it in the White House. This incident took place at 10 pm. The incident was also caught on video. Fortunately, no Death occurred due to the crash. After the news is viral all over the internet, people are shocked to hear about it. This is not a normal incident but it is a matter of serious investigation.  The police are further investigating the matter to get more details.  


As we have read above, a man from India residing in the United States has committed a very unexpected crime. He has been arrested by the police. The news is viral all over the world and people are amazed to read about it. To know more about the incident, click on this link

What are your thoughts about this incident? Kindly share your views below. 

Sai Kandula Parents FAQs 

Q1. Who is Sai Kandula? 

Sai Kandula is an Indian-origin man who shifted to the United States. 

Q2. How old is he.? 

He is 19 years old. 

Q3. Who is his wife? 

The information about his wife is not available anywhere. 

Q4. Why did he crash the truck into the White House? 

As per sources, he wanted to kill President.  

Q5. Has he been arrested? 

Yes he has been arrested. 

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