Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam {May} Explore Real Facts!

Read this article to know more information about Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam. Also, learn basic steps to report any scam.

Comenity Bank in the United States offers runwayrewards credit cards. If you and your family regularly purchase a huge number of products from New York & Company, then opting for Runwayrewards credit cards is a good option. Did you know that Runwayrewards gives you wide options for transacting, including cash advances, BTs, and cheques? 

There were many instances when several credit card companies scammed customers. Let’s review Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam to know more details.

About Runwayrewards Credit Card:

Recently questions about Runwayrewards being a scam were featured. But, to date, there are no posts on social media regarding fraud. When we tried to review Runwayrewards for fraud, but, we did not find any negative feedback or ratings on reliable reviewing sites and news portals. No posts regarding fraud is found anywhere.

Runwayrewards reviews ascertained that the credit card could be ordered on Further, your application request will be handled by Comenity Bank, which will issue a physical credit card to be delivered to your address.

Know more to avoid Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam:

There are two types of Runwayrewards credit cards offered by Comenity Bank. A regular Runwayrewards credit card offers lesser benefits when compared to a VIP card. The basic Runwayrewards card offers a $10 reward for every $200 spent, Birthday savings that can be clubbed with other offers, free shipment days, coupons, and offers can be clubbed with Runwayrewards.

Runwayrewards VIP card offers higher benefits such as $20 per $200 spent. The Annual Percentage Rate is 26.24%. There is a charge of $41 on late payments and $25 on returned payments. You can also take cash advances from ATMs to avoid PoS machine Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam. To keep Runwayrewards active, the user should make one transaction at least one month of the rolling calendar year. To qualify for a VIP card, the customer should spend $400, excluding returns.

While we researched the Comenity Bank website to know more about Runwayrewards fraud, it redirects users to the Identity theft page, which displays guidelines for dealing with fraud. In case your information is compromised, you can contact TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian to place an alert on your account. 

Comenity Bank provided general guidelines to request a credit report from credit reporting agencies and review the report for any fraudulent charges due to Runwayrewards Credit Card Scam. If you find any such charges, you can file a dispute with the Runwayrewards dispute resolution team. In case of any fraudulent charges found on Runwayrewards, the customer needs to report it to FTC and the police.


There are no reports regarding the Runwayrewards scam. A few negative customer feedbacks on reviewing sites pointed out regular common problems compared to any other credit card. There was no indication of a scam or fraud in customer feedback. However, if you get scammed by any credit card, we suggest you follow the earlier steps to report credit card fraud

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  1. They scammed me to get the rewards credit card. Said if I applied and got approved I’d get 30% off my purchase. Applied and approved but no 30%. It’s still posted on the website but after waiting on hold for 3 hours with no luck and then calling the next day and waiting two hours with no luck, I tried online chat and still no reply. I sent an email this morning. It’s evening, and nothing. NOT going to use the card without my 30%. It’s a principal thing. Stupid scam.


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