Runner Marker Roblox {March 2022} Learn The New Ways!

The guide shares the tricks to find and unlock the popular Runner Marker Roblox.

Robloxians often search for easy tricks to get hidden badges. The badges certify that the player is pro and not a novice gamer and heighten the creditworthiness. However, getting those marker badges in Roblox is not child’s play.

Players must play the game, succeed in the levels and explore the location on the game map to find those marker badges. Recently, a marker badge called Runner Marker has been trending amongst the players in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States.   

Many players are searching online to get the Runner Marker Roblox.

What is the Runner Marker in Roblox?

Runner Marker is a badge launched by Markers Epic Members for the Roblox platform. The marker badge was updated recently on 25th January 2022. As the name suggests, the badge for runners confirms the number of studs you walked.

The Runner Marker Badge is accessible to the players who have walked 1000 studs, and the badge is hidden on the game map, which players have to find during the game. 

So, after you complete walking 1000 studs, the badge unlocks, and you need to find it on the game map. 

How To Find The Runner Marker Roblox?

As mentioned, unlocking the marker badges on Roblox is not an easy task. Players have difficulty exploring and unlocking the marker badges located across the game map. Below are some helpful tips to help you find and unlock the Runner Marker Badge in the game.

  • After you walk 1000 studs, you need to walk through the game map.
  • You have to find the in-game keyboard. 
  • Enter the spelling “DIFFICULTY.” 
  • Click on the “Enter” button.
  • After completing these steps, you get redirected to another location. 
  • You need to play a game with hard to medium difficulty or challenges. 
  • After completing the game successfully, you will see the Runner Marker Roblox
  • Unlock the badge by clicking on it, and you can secure it for further use.   

These are the steps you have to take to unlock the Runner Marker Badge. Check the online video tutorials to unlock the badge if you are still unsure.

What Players Have to Say?

After evaluating, we found a few video tutorials online with many comments. Many players and pro gamers have shared the tutorial to help other players find and unlock the Runner Marker Roblox.

According to the comments, players find it easy to unlock the badge after following the steps shared via these videos. People said the video tutorials were helpful, and hence gamers must use them to find and unlock the badge. 


Runner Marker by Markers Epic Members is the popular badge on Roblox. Many players are attracted to the badge, and they want to know the tricks to find and unlock it on the platform. 

The steps mentioned above can help you find and unlock the Runner Marker Roblox. You may also use the available video tutorials to unlock the badge on the platform.

Did you already unlock the Runner Marker? Kindly share how you unlocked it in the comment section.  

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