Ruins Greatsword Ring (March) About The Colossal Sword!

The post talks about Ruins Greatsword Ring and elaborates on other details and how to find it.

There are numerous games available online these days, thanks to the advent of the internet. It has made it easier for players to explore the wide array of games and try their prowess. One of the games that have drawn the attention of players Worldwide is Elden Ring, which is a role-playing action and adventure game.

Herein, many perks and features are provided to players throughout the game. One such feature is the Ruins Greatsword Ring, which helps in adding additional magical damage.

So, read more about the features below.

What is Elden Ring?

An RPG or role-playing game that George R Martin directs and Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration. The game is available Worldwide and is played in the third person’s perspective. Besides, it provides an ultimate ground for exploration and enticing combat sequences.

Herein, the players are supposed to explore the lands in between Elden Ring, which comprises its six main regions and fortresses, castles, and catacombs. In the coming section, we will explain in detail about Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build and its features.

Describing More About The Greatsword Ring

  • The Greatsword ruins are among the ten Legendary Armaments available in the game.
  • Herein, the weapon helps build strength and thereby helps players sustain themselves in the game.
  • Furthermore, the ring can be acquired only after defeating the Starscourge Radahn during the mid-game.
  • Moreover, it is considered quite a task as the entire work is a challenging take for the players to indulge in.
  • You have got to defeat the Starscourge Radahn and convince the Witch Hunter Jerren on returning to the Redmane Castle.

Ruins Greatsword Ring – A Guide To Find It

So, after speaking to Jerren, you have to exhaust him and then reload the area. After that, you must defeat the dual boss at the plaza, including Misbegotten Warrior and the Crucible Knight, with a shield-wield and sword.

After eliminating both, the player will be presented the Ruins Greatsword upon victory.

Perks Of The Sword

It highly damages when struck close to the gravity range with a short windup. Besides, for Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build, you require the following:

  • 50 beastly points for one had and 34 points for two-hand build
  • 16 Intelligence for wielding the sword
  • A very heavy endurance to perform the activities of heavier armour and a full combo.

Final Conclusion

The Ruins Greatsword is known for its Colossal Sword and moveset, which provides sweeping arcs during lighter attacks and, for heavier ones, a forward hammer. However, the player has to perform various activities and defeat the two bosses at the boss gate to acquire the sword as a reward and mark of victory.

We hope this article provides sufficient information about Ruins Greatsword Ring. Do you want to know more about the Ruins Greatsword? Then visit here.

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