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Ruben Sim Lawsuit (Nov) Roblox Sues Him For $1.6 Million

Latest News Ruben Sim Lawsuit

The guide shares details about the Ruben Sim Lawsuit and what Roblox has sued him for.  

YouTuber Benjamin Robert Simon, aka Ruben Sim, now faces a lawsuit from Roblox Corporation after using a bogus terrorist-like threat to hamper the Roblox Developers Conference. The YouTuber from the United States has been sued after he started what seems to be the cybermob. 

As per the lawsuit, the fake terrorist threats from Ruben Sim forced the developer conference to withhold temporarily. Now, the popular gaming platform is seeking $1.6 million compensation from the influencer for the damages caused by him.

Since Simon is the leader of the cyber mob that commits unlawful acts, the Ruben Sim Lawsuit is against him.         

Who is Ruben Sim?

Ruben Sim is a popular YouTube video creator and influencer. His real name is Benjamin Robert Simon. He gained popularity as an influencer after his Roblox videos were liked and appreciated by the users.

He is from the United States and started his virtual career back in 2010. He managed to amass a total of 766 000 subscribers for your YouTube channel. He is best known for creating videos to describe the gameplay of the Roblox games. 

What is the Ruben Sim Lawsuit All About?

As per the news and sources, Roblox Corporation filed a lawsuit against the YouTube Creator and Influencer, Ruben Sim, on Tuesday, 23rd Nov 2021. The sources also confirmed that the case includes different allegations against Ruben Sim, including offensive behavior on the platform and harassing the platform’s users. 

Roblox Corporation also alleged that the creator enjoyed continuous access to the platform using different fake accounts, and he beleaguered the employees. Roblox also believes that the creator has been using the fake IP address on the hardware.

There are many other allegations against the creator that are mentioned in the Ruben Sim Lawsuit.   

What are the Damages Caused by Ruben Sim?

The lawsuit states that Simon has been continuously encouraging all his followers to use the methods he suggests to attack the bans imposed by Roblox. The activities got even more alarming for the platform when some users reported receiving terrorist-like threats.   

Roblox accused Ruben Sim of posting terrorist-like threats against the platform and its users. The reports suggest that the creator’s activities intend to shut down the developer conference temporarily, which was scheduled for October 2021. 

The Ruben Sim Lawsuit also states that the creator urged all his followers to rebuild the 2018 active shooting incident at YouTube’s headquarter. The lawsuit is still under process, and you may get an update on the official Twitter account.

How does Ruben Sim Respond to the Lawsuit?

The YouTube Content Creator, Ruben Sim, finally responded to the allegations via his Twitter account on 24th Nov 2021. He said that once the lawsuit is resolved, he will come up with the full statement. 

He is still creating videos for his followers, he added in his post. 


After the threats from Ruben Sim, the developer conference was locked down temporarily, and the private security agency and police were investigating the facility. Now Ruben Sim Lawsuit is filed by Roblox to cover the expenses. 

The developer conference incurred around $50 000 in expenses for investigating the incident and securing the venue. So, to compensate, Roblox sued Ruben Sim and asked to pay $1.6 million. 

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