Rt Website Down (February 2022) Is This Working Or Not?

This post mentions the recent news of Rt Website Down and offers other relevant details.

You must already be aware of the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The latest developments between the two have been extensively discussed worldwide. People are discussing the repercussions of these actions being taken by the Russian government. It has also led to backlash from some people, and some organizations are also protesting against it. In the same regard, the Rt Website Down event is gaining traction.

Users in the United Kingdom and the United States are especially keen to know more about this event going viral. Therefore, all the relevant details are mentioned in this article.

What is RT Website?

RT or Russia Today is an international network by the Russian government. It’s funded by the federal taxes of the country and is broadcast internationally under the control of the Russian state. The channel operates both on a free-to-air basis and paid methods. It also makes its content available internationally in several countries.

The Rt Website Down event is getting significant media attention as hackers have taken down its official website in retaliation against the government.

Details about RT News

  • It’s a state-owned news channel by the Russian government that broadcasts worldwide and offers internet content in many regions.
  • The media network is headquartered in Moscow in Russia.
  • The Anonymous Collective, a hacking group, has hacked the RT website to announce a cyberwar against the Russian government.
  • The RT Channel has also been a subject of some controversy as its also described as a propaganda channel.

Why is Rt Website Down?

Let’s look at all the relevant details about this website and its recent hacking below:

  • The hacker group “Anonymous” has gained some notoriety for its actions in the past, like their hacking of some extremist groups.
  • The group has now declared a cyberwar against the Russian government by hacking the RT website.
  • This hacking has led people to believe that shortly, Russia will be the subject of many hacking activities.
  • It’s said that Russia also used hackers to target Ukraine’s banks and crucial websites which was part of their cyber-attack.
  • After the public announcement of this hacking and the news of the Rt Website Down became viral, some people who were upset with the Russian government’s actions came out in support of the hacker group.
  • Please note that we’re not taking any sides in this incident and are merely informing you about the details of this incident.
  • Read more about this incident here.

The Final Thoughts             

RT is a television network by the Russian government that operates in several countries. An anonymous group recently hacked it, and we have mentioned the relevant details above.

What are your thoughts on this hacking of the Russian media network? What are your viewpoints on the whole incident? Kindly share your opinions on this hacking activity and the Rt Website Down news in the comments below.

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