Ror2 Planetarium {Mar} Read To Know How To Unblock It!

Ror2 Planetarium is about the purple portal launched with the Survivor of the Void expansion in the game. To know more about Planetarium, continue reading.

Do you wish to fight against aliens? It is possible in the gaming world where you fight with bosses to defend yourself and reach the next level.

So, have you heard of the Risk of Rain game? Is not it something similar? Players across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada are pretty excited about the launch of the trailer of Survivor of Void.

Do youalso have some queries on the feature introduced in Risk of Rain 2 DLC? If so,no worries; we will guide you on the Ror2 Planetarium logbook and more in this post.

What is Ror2 about?

RoR 2 is a third-person shooter game created by Hopoo Games and published with the help of Gearbox Publishing. The players can either play solo or with up to four players on various platforms like PlayStation, Stadia, Xbox One, etc.

The gameplay follows the goal to defend enemies, kill giant aliens and get the rewards in return. However, with the increase of the level situation does not remain the same. As a strength, the number of aliens to fight with and the difficulty of the game increases. Ror2 Planetarium is the popular search today after the release of the trailer on March 1st 2022.

What are Railgunner and Void Fiend?

Railgunner and Void Fiend are the characters in Ror2 that are added in Survivors of the Void expansion. On the one hand, Railgunner uses an M99 sniper, a powerful piercing shot that covers long-range damage.

On the other hand, Void Fiend mutated monstrosity and uses a lethal weapon to transform into a more aggressive version. In order to unlock Railgunner, you need to purchase Survivor of The Void expansion and start playing.

How to unlock Ror2 Planetarium?

Suppose you are searching for a new challenge you have to head to Steam and take against the approaching aliens and defeat them. The release of the Survivors of the Void comes with more than twenty powerful items, three new areas to explore, and horrifying monsters from the Void. 

Among them, Planetarium is the new trend talked about among several players. Many of them want to know about how to achieve it.

The Planetarium is a purple-coloured portal that you can find in teleporters. The glowing purple sphere helps to identify it. However, to unlock Ror2 Planetarium, you have to reach the higher stage where you will get a void portal.

Here, you will be sent to the realm where you must complete four Void teleports. All mobs are void, and there is numerous self-destructing one-shot. The player needs to climb to the top where the portal’s boss resides.

You got to fight the boss in different stages. You have to go through the portal to defeat him quickly at the end of each stage. Once you reach the final stage and kill the boss, you complete the Planetarium.


We hope you enjoy playing the Risk of Rain 2 game with the latest updates. We discussed Ror2 Planetarium here, which requires a certain portal in Void DLC. To know more about the Risk of Rain 2 game, you can click here.

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