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Read this article below to discover the facts about Rooster Battle NFT, revealing the details for the event launched, learning about its price, and other facts.

Have you heard the news about your favorite game’s NFT launch? Why are these games such hype? Which is the best cockfighting game? From where can you download the Rooster Battle Game?

Rooster Battle is a recent exciting cockfighting game over the internet, and people in Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines are searching for the details of its NFT launch.

Let’s explore the details for Rooster Battle NFT in this article below, revealing below the facts for the game’s hype and other related details. Keep scrolling for the latest updates.

What is Rooster Battle?

If you are a fan of cockfighting games, then you might have heard or downloaded Rooster Battle. Cockfighting games are considered the best-making history sport, which has led to the development of multiple video games.

One of the best cockfighting games developed is the Rooster Battle launched back in 2013. This is a big hit and one of the most downloaded apps on the play store and iOS charts.

Rooster Battle NFT:

We have seen this trend of any hit gaming platform coming up with their NFT collection for public sales, giving people a chance to get more engaged.

Rooster Battle has also announced their NFT’s public sales. This popular game on BSC has already gained enough recognition as the NFT based cockfighting game, launching their whitelist for registrations. This launch is one of the much-anticipated IDO sales for the public, announced on November 28th, 2021, at around 2.00 UTC.

Slot Details for the NFT launch:

Rooster Battle NFT is announced to launch in 70 slots. There will be 500 total registration slots available for the public, out of which the top 100 of them are open for top entries, and the rest 400 are selected as the random slots.

The platform has also announced more than 200 slots under this whitelist launch that are preserved to compensate for the participants in Unicrypt.

Price Details for the Token:

Now that the platform has already announced about 700 slots for the game in their IDO public sales round, Rooster Battle NFT has also recorded a presale value of around 600BNB at the Pink Sale LaunchPad.

  • Presale Price for 1 BNB is around 35.000 $RICE Token.
  • The listing price for 1 BNB is around $RICW 25.000 Token.

What Are the Highlights for This Event?

As already mentioned, the event is scheduled to be held at Pink Sale Launchpad at 14.00 UTC on 28th November. The game will further be released after listing it on the pancake. 0.2 BNB is the minimum spending limit for each participant, and the maximum amount for the same is around 1.5 BNB.

Final Verdict:

This article is a summarised version of Rooster Battle NFT, explaining the details of its events and other related highlights. The event is scheduled for 28th November, and people are already looking out for the same details. Official Rooster Battle Twitter Handle will further help you with mobile updates, informing you about all the recent changes and happenings.

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