Rogue Society NFT {Sep 2021} Get Token Full Insight!

This article gives you market information and all the facts related to the newly launched Rogue Society NFT.

Last week a new NFT was released with the concept of the artwork. Similarly, Rogue Society (RS) was launched last week on 5th September 2021 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. It became popular in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom within two days.

Before investing in RS NFT, do you want to review information about it? Do you know about the concept of Rouge Society tokens? Do you want to know about the RS market and trends? Are you planning to invest in Rogue Society NFT shortly? For investment, would you like to know the benefits to RS NFT holders?

We understand that you are a responsible investor. Hence, you are here reading a comprehensive article about RS NFT. So, let’s begin.

About Rogue Society Non-Fungible Token:

Leche founded RS NFT. But, crucial information about Leche’s background is not revealed. The information provided for Leche is that he has a Twitter account with ID @LecheTheMilky; and that Leche wanted to initiate a Non-Fungible Token with a new concept, unlike other NFTs that are generally related to games. To achieve his goal, Leche founded a team of artists and developers.

Concept of Rogue Society NFT:

The RS NFT is a virtual collection of bots with more than 300 unique attributes based on a spaceship from an unknown planet trying to escape a failed Utopian Society. You buy such bots and then wait until virtual anime bots’ value increases in the market. Then, you trade them for profit.

RS NFT was supposed to be launched on 29th August 2021. But, the launch date was delayed due to technical issues. They announced that RS NFT would be launched within 72 hours. But, it finally got launched on 5th September 2021. Opensea is providing a marketplace for Rogue Society NFT sales. Hence, your purchases will attract a 2.5 percent opensea fee additionally.

Rogue Society Non-Fungible Token Market:

  • Original Price is – 0.09 ETH
  • Floor Price on opensea – 0.19 ETH
  • Holders – 5,931
  • Total Supply – 15,777
  • Transfers – 22,085
  • Market Cap – Unknown
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – Unknown
  • Market Rank – not available
  • Volume traded on opensea – $1,038,792
  • Minted – 6,793
  • 48hr trade volume – 991
  • 24hr low/high – Unknown
  • Blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn
  • Traded in – ETH and WITH
  • Contact address for purchases – 0xc6735852e181a55f736e9db62831dc63ef8c449a

Member benefits:

  • NFT Drops for the holders. The lucky winners are declared on the discord website, Twitter page of Rogue Society NFT – @roguesocietynft and on @LecheTheMilky
  • Comic Book Series. Rick and Morty are working on comic series.
  • Animated Series
  • The physical collection of bots and
  • Royalty


With the new concept of simply buying and selling virtually animated bots, the young investors are excited and positive. However, the investment plans for increasing the value of RS are not provided. The percentage of royalty to RS holders is not given. Important information and experience of the founder in the financial market are not provided. Hence, we recommend you observe the market trend of Rogue Society NFT before investment.

Did you invest in RS NFT ? Do let us know your experience with RS NFT.

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