Robot 4 Litter {May} Know About Whisker New Innovation!

Scroll down the below article, which helps you learn more about the newly launched Robot Robot 4 Litter by whisker.

Are you a cat parent? Are you fed up with the scooping of your pet? Have you heard of Litter-Robot? An innovation of Whisker organization for the past 20 years. The makers of Litter 4 Robot are primarily known as AutoPets.

This company has been innovating for pet lovers by designing the best technologies like Robot-Feeder,, and Robot-Litter. People from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada want to know more about their new technology for cat parents; on 10th May, they launched Robot 4 Litter

Litter 4 Robot New Enhancements 

  • It has been modified to fully automatic self-cleaning litter to avoid repeated scooping for the cat’s parents. 
  • It has an odor-neutralizing system. 
  • Spacious as 4 cats can comfortably come at once. 
  • Large gateway for comfortable entry and exit space. 
  • It also has a phone app system that allows users easy monitoring of cat weight, waste and litter drawer levels, custom notifications set-up, and box activity for litter. 
  • Indicator lights enhance cleaning operational timings, night lights, sleep mode, and many more activities. 

These are some basic enhancements. Furthermore, for detailing, you can visit the official site (in conclusion). 

Whisker Litter Robot

Jacob Zuppke, the Whisker’s CEO and the president, said that they are excited to introduce their latest product, Litter-Robot 4. It is based on completely new technology for improving cat parents’ lives globally. As per the company’s details, let’s take some specifications for the innovation. 

Specific Details

  • Measurements – (29.5 x 22 x 27) inches as in (H x W x D)
  • Weight – 24 lbs.
  • Retail Price – 649 Dollars. 
  • Warranty – 1 year (can take a plan for an extended 3-year warranty.)
  • Trial – 90-days in-home trial. 
  • Add-ons – available, can take modular fir-in new accessories for Whisker LitterShipping is cost-free from the official site (given in conclusion).

How Does It Work?

These are considerably big dome-shaped litter boxes. At the bottom, a chamber collects cat waste (basically collects only clumping litter). This box has been designed with sifting technology and has sensors to detect when your cat has used it. After 15 minutes, this machine clumped the waste by cycling and moved the waste to the bottom. 

Cat parents have to empty the bottom waste compartment only once or twice a week. This only helps your robot litter work orderly and properly.

Why is Robot Robot 4 Litter Trending?

Many cat parents are fed up with scooping all around the house and finding difficulty doing it regularly as Whisker brings innovations by investing in technological-based devices that are pet friendly. 

Therefore, many cat lovers are looking for details for this new technology launched on 10th May 2022. Further, click here to visit the official site for more details.

The Last Words

Based on our internet research, we can say that this innovative sifting patented technology by Whisker will bring comfort to the lives of cat parents. The technological-based launched Robot Robot 4 Litter helps them maintain their house.

It’s easy-to-complex technology and spacious area will make cat parents use this technology swiftly for multi-cats. Are you also a cat parent? What are your opinions on this technology?

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