Roblox Voice Chat Game (Sep 2021) Adding Spatial Voice!

This article provides information about Roblox Voice Chat Game, a newly announced feature on Roblox.

Voice chats are common in online games. You can find the option of chatting through voice in most online games. However, Roblox hasn’t added this feature to its platform yet for many reasons.

Considering the huge active user base of the platform, which consists mostly of younger teenagers, it’ll not be easy to moderate the chat. Making the chats a safe space to communicate will also be difficult. However, Roblox has announced its intentions to release the Roblox Voice Chat Game feature.

This news has become somewhat viral in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom

What is Roblox?

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel developed this online gaming and creation platform back in 2004 and released it in 2006. The platform has only gained popularity recently and has established itself as a giant in its domain.

It allows other users to create their games using Roblox Studios and have others participate in them. The programing language Lua is used to manipulate, create and control the games.

Details about Roblox Voice Chat Game

  • To make the user experience in the game more realistic, Roblox is now adding the voice chat option.
  • The feature is called Spatial Voice and will be made available to about 5000 developers over 13 in the Beta Phase.
  • The invitation for the Beta Phase began on September 2.
  • In Spatial Voice, users will be able to communicate with the players nearby their avatar.
  • Players will be able to talk to other players who come close to their avatar, and the voice will fade away as they move farther from the players, which is very realistic.
  • Roblox Voice Chat Game extends the text chat feature, and users are hyped about it.

Security Measures for Voice Chat

  • Voice chats have always been a concern for Roblox because of its younger user base.
  • As such, Roblox may never enable the Voice Chat feature for users below the age of 13.
  • Roblox has employed hundreds of people to monitor the chats.
  • Users will have the option to report any users who misbehave in the chat, and the authorities will look into it.
  • Users can also block others easily in voice chat.
  • The Roblox Voice Chat Game will have plenty of parental controls as many of its users are children.
  • Parents will be able to make many restrictions in the game.
  • Learn more about this announcement here

The Concluding Remarks   

Despite being a popular online gaming platform, Roblox doesn’t have a voice chat feature. However, they have announced their plans to release the same feature in the game. All the relevant details are mentioned above. 

What do you think about the addition of voice chats in the game? Do you think Roblox’s strategy to release this feature in a limited capacity is correct? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions on the announcement of the Roblox Voice Chat Game in the feedback or reviews box.

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