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Gaming Tips Roblox Ransomware Attack

This post discusses the Roblox Ransomware Attack on the NPM library of the gaming website and a recent crackdown by Europol on cybercriminals.

The cybersecurity experts of the United Kingdom and the United States have reported malware that has hit different departments on Thursday. The malware named ransomware kept the attack till late Friday but was unable to disrupt any services. 

The online gaming system Roblox has also become the victim of this malware attack, discussed in this article. The attacker’s target is the Premium website with a vast subscriber base as it allows them to affect people in large numbers.

Roblox Ransomware Attack has hit the NPM package of the gaming system.

What is an NPM Package?

The Node package manager, popularly known as NPM, is a software package used in the JavaScript platform. It works on the client and online database model, which is available for public and private paid services.

This NPM library of Roblox has been breached, and two malicious software named noblox.js-proxy and noblox.js-proxies have been found. The noblox.js is original software on NPM, used as an interface between Roblox and the users.

This library has around 20,000 downloads per week, and any affected file can have larger implications.

Roblox Ransomware Attack:

As mentioned above, two fake software files have been found in the NPM package of the Roblox gaming system. The malicious file has been downloaded 281 and 106 times, and users risk compromising their system.

The primary motive behind the attack is to infect the package, and when users download it, their system gets attacked by ransomware. It can also steal data on the hardware and get the system locked and password compromised.

The developer uses the above library to make tools that can help them interact with the Roblox website. Roblox Ransomware Attack reflects the intention of people who are looking to cause damage on a larger scale.

Ransomware Module Busted:

Recent reports on digital media suggest that Euro pol has busted the Ransomware network. The reporting officers have been investigating this case for the last two years, and twelve people have been arrested.

The action has been taken after the recent malware attack on the systems of different companies including Roblox. The modus operandi sent a phishing email to the company, got into the IT system, and locked the document.

Roblox Ransomware Attack is a little different than these breaches as they used to demand ransom for giving the decryption key, which was not the case in the Roblox malware incident.

Till now, 1800 corporations across 71 countries have been targeted by these cybercriminals. It was a combined effort of 50 investigation agencies across eight countries.

Final verdict:

Both the malicious NPM library has been reported, and no news of any significant damage has been received. A similar incident of infected files has also been reported from crypto mining packages.

Roblox Ransomware Attack indicates that popular code registries are a new target of hackers, and cyber security experts need to find an answer to it.

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