Roblox Mech Wings {Aug} Get the Useful Information!

Roblox Mech Wings {Aug} Get the Useful Information! >> This article provides information about recently launched and trending avatar accessories on the famous online gaming platform.

Did you know Mech Wings were introduced as a limited-time offer? Did you know that Mech Wings are exclusively for iOS users? Do you want to see if you can get Mech Wings on Android and Windows operating systems? 

As of writing, more than twenty thousand gamers from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, and Brazil have liked it. In this article, you will come to know all the details about Roblox Mech Wings.

What is Mechanical Wings?

JauntyApeGames has the credit of creating Mechanical Wings as an accessory in 2015. Mechanical Wings can be placed on the back of the avatar. Initially, Mechanical Wings were introduced on Roblox on 25th November 2015.

Since then, many game developers have come up with different versions of Mechanical Wings. These became popularly known as Mecha Wings. So, do not confuse free Mech Wings with Mecha Wings (or) Mechanical wings.

About free Mech Wings:

A new version of free Mech Wings was introduced in the avatar shop on 28th June 2021. It is exclusively for iOS users. Roblox Mech Wings were accessible to iOS users from 4th August. It is a limited-time offer available till 18th August 2021.

Though the concept of free Mech Wings is similar, they appear like a hybrid version of a jetpack and wings. In contrast, other mechanical wings on avatar shop appear like wings with different designs and patterns. Mechanical Wings were primarily included in the “All” genre. But, the recently launched Mech Wings are classified in the “Sci-fi” genre. Other Mechanical Wings are not free and ranges above one thousand RoBux. Roblox free Mech Wings are exclusively for iOS users.

How to get Roblox Mech Wings?

We understand that you are aware of the Roblox app for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Hence, if you are an Android user (or) a Windows OS user, you will not be able to see free Mech Wings in your avatar shop. However, you will be able to see it on any device with iOS, which includes iPad, iPhone, Etc. 

Over the internet, you may find different ways to access Mech Wings via Android and Windows OS also. But, it requires you to change the browser’s configuration such that your browser will show itself as a Mac browser. For Roblox Mech Wings, we do not recommend such a workaround. 

You can type Mech Wings in the search box on avatar shop (or) click on the avatar button in-app. Go to the featured tab. Sort the items by recently updated. You will be able to see free Mech Wings. 


With the description of Mech Wings, it is clear that Roblox had created them to keep up the enthusiasm of gamers this summer. We recommend you to get Mech Wings at the earliest as there are free for a limited-time. We hope you were able to get the required information about Roblox Mech Wings in this article.

Know more about Mech Wings by clicking here.

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