Roblox Data Breach 2021 {Jan} Know Its Complete Reality!

The users are alleging Roblox Data Breach 2021 after the platform suddenly went down. Read the complete story here.

It is now more than 24 hours since the Roblox gaming platform has gone down and is still counting. There is a global outage against the company as thousands of players cannot connect to Roblox accounts. It has also raised suspicions about the Roblox Data Breach 2021. The incident has severely affected and outaged the users based in the United States and the United Kingdom, where data privacy is treated as a human right.

Why is Roblox Down?

Roblox is reportedly down because of some technical glitches which, according to the company, could not be resolved yet. The gaming platform is down across all Mobile apps, Xbox App, Game Join, and Avatar.

The company officials have said that they have placed engineers to do the work, and the job is underway. The specific cause of the sudden glitch is not publicly disclosed. Be that as it may, the explanation given by the company has not satisfied the users. The users are fearful of Roblox Data Breach 2021. Let us explore the chances of an alleged data breach and what the company has said and done about it.

The Possibilities of a Data Breach

Data breaches are not very alien to Roblox. The company has always been infamous for putting its users’ data at peril and has sacrificed it multiple times. According to a report in 2020, the Roblox gaming platform was hacked, which resulted in the loss of data of 100 million users. The hacker bugged the platform and sold the credentials of many users.

The Roblox Data Breach 2021 officials, however, labelled the damage minimal. Millions use the platform with annual traffic in billions with the least centralized regulation. This makes it vulnerable to hacking and phishing. When the server went down, a plethora of users started complaining and alleging a data breach attack.

For now, all the updates regarding data and restarting are shared by Roblox on their Twitter account. The users should stay tuned to Twitter for further updates, hoping there might not be any data breach again. The situation, undoubtedly, is still unclear and confusing. 

What did the company say about Roblox Data Breach 2021?

However, the company came with an explanation of Twitter, which reads as: “Your Data is SAFE. Let’s make that very clear.” The company has also asked the users to be careful of fake posts about data leaks.

The company has assured the users on Twitter that their passwords, account, and cookies are all safe. The users have taken the explanation with a pinch of salt as no convincing reason regarding the delay in restarting the platform. The company has promised that the game will be back “very soon,” and all users’ data shall be restored. 


As per Roblox Data Breach 2021,the Roblox gaming platform suddenly went down and could not be restored even after 24 hours. Meanwhile, the users have started complaining of a data breach, like the one that had occurred in 2020 as well. The company has denied any such breach. 

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