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The guide shares the methods on Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En so that players can enable voice chat.

Finally, Roblox has officially announced the spatial voice chat facility on 10th Nov 2021. It is available for gamers above the age of thirteen years and completed the age verification process. 

Originally, it was developed as a Beta version back in February 2021, and finally, in Nov 2021, it is out for Worldwide gamers. So, participate in the spatial voice chat and enjoy gaming while chatting with your friends.

But, many players are unaware and want to know Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En. So, please continue reading for it.     

What is Spatial Voice Chat in Roblox?

Spatial Voice Char is the newly launched voice chat feature on the Roblox platform. It allows Worldwide gamers to engage in voice chat within the spatial voice chat room. The feature is available only for gamers above thirteen years and completed the age verification process on Roblox. 

Players above thirteen years can opt-in for the voice chat feature by visiting the game settings menu and enabling the function. It will allow them to use the voice chat function while gaming with their friends. 

Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En

Well, as you are aware that Spatial Voice Chat is the new chat feature on Roblox, you might be wondering how to activate or enable the feature to enjoy chatting. Unfortunately, enabling the voice chat feature on Roblox doesn’t come with just pressing a button. Instead, players have to fulfill the criteria before enabling it.

Players have to complete the age verification process to ensure that they are above thirteen years and eligible for the spatial voice chat function. Below are the quick and easy steps on Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En.

  • Click on the gear icon available in the top right corner of the game menu
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Tab on the “Privacy Tab” of the game menu
  • Search for the option “Spatial Voice” and toggle it on to enable the feature 
  • As the toggle turns green from grey, it indicates that the voice chat feature is enabled  

What is The Process for Age Verification?

The only way to enable the voice chat function is by verifying your age to ensure that you are above the eligible age of thirteen years. It is the crucial step of Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En

The age verification process is mandatory to keep the younger kids safe and free from mingling with adults and teens. Therefore, age verification is needed, and you need government-issued ID proof to complete the verification process. 

  • Go to Account setting
  • Under the “Birthday” section, you will see the option to verify your age
  • A QR code will appear that you have to scan and complete the verification 


Spatial Voice Chat is the function that is attracting many players to the platform. You can also participate in the voice chat on Roblox. All you have to do is complete a few simple steps, as mentioned above in the Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En section. So, enable the voice chat today and start chatting with your friends and other eligible gamers. 

Did you activate the voice chat function on Roblox? Then, please share your experiences in the comments section.

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