Roberta Laundrie North Port {Nov 2021} Know Full Story!

This article gives information about Roberta Laundrie North Port and the current situation what they are suffering from.

Did you hear about Laundrie Roberta?  Do you know what they are facing on? Did you know who the parents of Brian 

Laundrie are? Do you have any opinions about how they got their sufferings? And do you want to know why all this happened to them? If yes, then you might have also heard from the United States media about this.  

If you want to know what happened to Roberta Laundrie North Port, then you might be interested in reading today’s news article. 

Who is Roberta Laundrie

Roberta is 55 years old, and the mother of Brian Laundrie and her husband is Christopher Chris Laundrie of age 62. They lived on Wabasso Avenue in the north part of Florida. According to all the documentations attained by the government, they found that they had 10,000 ft.² of property in that area. But on 17 September, the family discovered that Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had been abducted and were missing and her belongings were not available. 

Roberta Laundrie North Port : whose missing report they filed?

Roberto and her husband went to the North port police on 17 September 2021 to speak about the missing Report of their son and his Fiancée. The official Report for the missing of Petito was filed on 11 September 2021, and after that, the officials started the investigation. As the family of Brian was so much into the police to get some information to find their son, the family of Petito asked them for help to assist in their case also. As that Laundrie have been an interesting name in the FBI because they avoided many interviews. 

Biography of Roberta Laundrie

Information about Roberta Laundrie North Port is mentioned below.  

  • She is 7 years younger than her husband. 
  • She lives in a single-story house in Wabasso Avenue in the north port with her husband.  
  • She gave birth to Cassandra Laundrie in 1989. 
  • Then, in the year 1998, she gave birth to Brian Laundrie. 
  • She and her husband own property of near about 10,000 ft.² in Florida.  
  • They both started their company of juicer service in which they sell the juicer and provide services for them. 

What do people think about her? 

Will possess some thoughts about Roberta Laundrie North Port and often ask about their abducted son and his fiancée. This is because Brian and his family do avoid all the interviews of the FBI regarding this. The FBI and the general public both see him as a suspicious man in this controversy. The family of Gabby Petito also requested help to the laundry’s family to get their daughter back. 

Conclusion: –

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