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The fight in the Colorado District 4 would be between Robert Lewis vs Ken. Read to find out more about the candidates and their candidature.

Do you know, in Colorado District 4, the Congressional candidates are finally announced by both the democrats and republicans? The Republican assembly has provided a surprise for Ken Buck who would be challenged by Bob Lewis in the upcoming elections. The district is majorly republican and redistricting has given it an even bigger advantage towards the GOP. The people in the United States are excited about the election and would be looking forward to Robert Lewis vs Ken as the fight would be interesting and engaging. 

The Colorado District 4 Elections 2022

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Ken Buck is the republican candidate who has represented the Colorado District 4 since 2015. Ken, in the upcoming elections, would be seeking his fifth term in office. The present position of Ken is in Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committee. In Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Colorado, Buck would be majorly driving votes for his success in tackling big tech antitrust issues. Buck is understood to be a financial conservative. Buck was the former head of the GOP in the Colorado. Buck had also defended the integrity of the state’s election system. 

Bob Lewis is the Albert County republican who owns a real estate business. Bob had been involved in the GOP politics in the county and had also served as the vice chairperson of the local party for five years. 

The Election between Robert Lewis vs Ken

Bob has promised that he would be abiding by the constitution and is a constitutionalist to the very core of the term. Bob has also promised that he would be voting against continuing funds to the federal government. Bob would also oppose, as claimed by him, the federal funding for illegal actions and would take steps to curb the anti-American propaganda. Bob has also claimed that he would close the southern borders from illegal crossings. 

Bob and Ken therefore are two republican claimers and there is another democrat candidate in the Robert Lewis vs Ken, Ike McCorkle who is a former Marine and is making a second run for the Congress. Ike would be insisting on environmental programmes as he calls himself a committed environmentalist. Caring for veterans, affordable housing is among the promises that are made by Ike.


Bob Lewis and Ken Buck have claimed the positions as the Republican candidates for the Colorado District 4 and their candidature now would be decided for the county elections. All the qualifications and agendas of both Ken and Buck are mentioned above. The candidate for democrats is also detailed about. To know more, see 

Colorado candidates for Congressional District 4 lay out.

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