Rmc Kingston Accident {April} Who Died In This Incident?

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Do you want to know about the investigation done by the National Defence department? Do you want to know about the vehicle accident that happens on Friday? If yes, join with this article to spread the knowledge.

Canada‘s national defence department says that the investigation was held after the four cadets were on the verge of graduation.

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Incident at the RMC in Kingston

After the underway of four cadets on the verse of graduation goes dead in a vehicle accident that happens on Early Friday morning at the Royal Military college In Kingston.

It is also confirmed by the college commanding officer, named Commodore Josee Kutz, that the news of the accident reached the family on Friday Night. The college commander officer recognized the victims, such as Jack Hogarth, Broden Murphy, Andres Salek, and Andrei Honciu. 

It is also said by Commodore Josee Kurtz that our entire RMC community faced a great loss after the case of the Kingston Car Accident. This devasted accident happened around 2 am on the peninsula of Force base Kingston which lies between the Kingston harbour and Navy bay on the point of Lawrence river. The royal military college is situated on the top of the peninsula just below Kingston. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned a tweet on Friday afternoon and  he said his “heart aches for the friends and families of all the cadet officers who had lost their lives today in Kingston.”

Condition after the retrieval of vehicle from water

Investigators start to examine the road on Friday under the Rmc Kingston Accident that is shoreline by boats and on foot. Then on the evening of Friday, a vehicle was pulled from the water by the authorities.

The Forensic Paramedics say four patients were present at the accident scene, but no one has taken them to the hospital. 

The accident affects the human life whose loved ones are present at the spot of the accident, said the Kurtz on her preparing marks. As we put ourselves in our parents’ place, only then do we understand the pain. 

Kurtz also says that we provide some financial support to these families.

Reports on Rmc Kingston Accident

It has come from reports that four patients were present at the incident site. It was considered a great loss for the royal college community after happens the accident on early Friday morning. The Canadian national force investigation service continued their investigation on the same day, Friday.


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