Rlole Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?

Do you want information about how to analyze a website? If yes, read the Rlole Reviews to learn about the website’s legitimacy.

Are you longing to wear comfortable and unique tops this Christmas? Then, let us present you with a website that claims to provide huge discounts. 

What sticks to your mind when you hear fashion? Is it fashion or styling? But, few United States experts don’t think so. Furthermore, they believe that fashion is more than styling as it reflects one’s personality and thoughts.

Also, it allows one to express its creativity, beliefs, etc. Similarly, we will dissect a portal to find its originality through Rlole Reviews in this piece of writing.

Outline of Rlole.com

The site claimed that earlier they were a manufacturer and a supplier. But later on, they entered the Internet in 2015. Also, the portal has numerous clothing materials under an excellent budget to drive the maximum attention of buyers. 

In addition, they stated that their high-quality items are directly manufactured by their factories, of which some are:

  • Tops 
  • Mini dresses 
  • Jackets coats
  • Two-piece sets

They have also stated that a few people are working with them to modify the fashion industry. 

Checking the Website’s Details to Conclude Is Rlole Legit?

  • The website delivers sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, coats, etc. 
  • For assistance, the support mail address is Rlole@wissmail.com.
  • They usually take 1 to 2 weeks to deliver the ordered items.
  • On 13th August 2021, the domain registered, but it will terminate on 13-08-2022.
  • The calling number is inaccessible. 
  • The available payment system is VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, etc. 
  • A 30 days return, and exchange policy is offered to online customers. After receiving your exchange approval, they will send the item within 3 working days. 
  • We can’t determine the firm’s location. 
  • By investigating the Rlole Reviews, we have seen that they will convey your money within 7 business days.
  • The webpage’s link is https://www.rlole.com/.
  • The express and postal shipping time take 35 working days. 
  • We have found the social media icons of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 
  • The newsletter feature is lacking, imparting negative feedback. 

What are the Profits of the Portal 

  • The email address is present.
  • The product ratings on the site are available. 
  • All the policies are evaluated.
  • We have seen the social icons.
  • The shipping and returning offers are available to prove ‘Is Rlole Legit?’

Opposing Points of the Site

  • The company’s location is lacking.
  • The Trustpilot reviews are absent.
  • Rlole.com possesses a trust rank of 27.8/100.
  • The site’s trust score is 1 %.
  • The call number and newsletter facility are missing. 

Is Rlole Reliable? 

  • Trust Rank- The portal has gained a low trust rank. 
  • User’s opinion- Numerous customers’ feedbacks are available. Also, on Facebook, a user is asking for the buying process. 
  • Alexa Rank- The indication of Alexa rank is absent. 
  • Domain Age- Rlole.com is a few months old. 
  • Unreliable Discounts- Considering the Rlole Reviews, the items have massive concessions. 
  • Plagiarized content- The portal’s content is 90% plagiarized. 
  • Policies cited- We have found the required details of all procedures. 
  • Address originality- The trace of the firm’s location is lacking. 
  • Social connections- Icons of different social networks, including Facebook, are accessible, but they are of some other platform.
  • Trust Score- 1 % is seen for the portal. 
  • Owner’s name- The cues of the founder’s information are missing. 

Customers’ Viewpoint 

We have found numerous ratings on products over the homepage, of which most have a 5-star rating. In addition, on Facebook, the user’s Rlole Reviews have imparted that the products are lovely. Also, a shopper is seen asking for the ordering process several times, but the company has responded yet. 

However, on different sites, the items of Rlole.com have gained good ratings, but those are not reliable. Due to the drawbacks in the portal, including low trust score and rank, people might not refer to this site. 

In addition, the deficiency of a calling number has also created massive suspicion amongst the customers. Therefore, the website is questionable. Read more here about credit card scams

The Final Verdict 

In this post on Rlole Reviews, we have seen exhaustive information on the website. Moreover, the Facebook and Instagram links are false on the site’s homepage, but we have researched the official Facebook page. 

On website’s Facebook page, we have determined that the company is not answering some of the customers’ queries, which imparted doubt. Therefore, we have marked Rlole.com as a questionable site for all these reasons. Visit here for PayPal scams

Is Rlole.com a scam? What is your opinion? Would you please answer us by commenting below? 

13 thoughts on “Rlole Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?”

  1. I believe Rlole is a scam. I have yet to receive the sweater I ordered. The payment has cleared and no sweater. I would advise everyone to think long and hard before placing an order. I know I will never order from this company again!

    • Hello Rocque Hicks, Thanks for the valuable details. Yes, you said it right, check the portals thrice and make sure of their authenticity. No matter how much time it takes but no headaches at least. So, as suggested please stay away from them. Did you get any verification mail? Please send us any updates. Take care. Regards.

    • Hello Kathleen Pieszchala, it is highly advisable to get your money back from the payment company, however, you paid it. No other option better than this. Please update if you get it. Stay alert. Take care.

  2. This company will only offer a fraction of what you paid as a refund. They ship from Dubai, then have a local re-mailer in the U.S. deliver via USPS. Should you actually receive your item from this “company”, the actual item might not resemble the image of the item you thought you were buying. Best advice – save your money or be screwed.

  3. I ordered a sweater in late November 2021, and have yet to receive it. Any email response just asks for me to wait a few days. The tracking info goes to USPS, but the info just says label requested, but “not yet in system”. I think this is a giant scam. How can we post a complaint to IG or FB which is where I saw the link to purchase.

  4. This company is not trustworthy ad their merchandise is substandard and looks so much better on Facebook and the website.
    There is no company information on the website such as a phone number or location. The items I purchased were advertised on Facebook and the website as made in the USA, they in fact were made in China. When I emailed to request a return, they offered me $10 off the original $135 spent and told me the shipping would be high to send it back. When I told them twice this was not acceptable and asked them where their return address was they said Dubai! I promptly called my credit card company which issued me a credit. Kudos to Bank of America! Don’t order from them!!


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