Rizzuto Show Cancer {Aug} Know All The Related Details!

Did you hear about Rizzuto Show Cancer Host Jeff Burton? Read this article and find all the latest updates. 

Are you a big fan of the famous 105.7 FM Radio Station? The station is broadcasted in Greater St. Louis, Illinois, United States. Many people started enquiring about its morning program, The Rizzuto Show. 

And we know the reason why. Jeff Burton, the co-host of this famous Rizzuto Show, died of Cancer on Monday, 15 August 2022. Burton’s colleagues, friends, family and fans are devastated to have lost such an incredible person like him. Continue reading to know more about the Rizzuto Show Cancer news.

About Jeff Burton’s Death:

Jeff Burton, a well-known radio personality on 105.7 The Point, died on Monday after bravely fighting cancer for more than a year. The station shared the news over their social media accounts.

Jeff Burton was diagnosed with cancer in March 2021, but he continued to co-host The Rizzuto Show until 1 July 2022. He went into chemotherapy and received additional treatments throughout this course. 

However, in mid-July, Burton’s wife updated that cancer had spread in his body and there weren’t many options for any treatment. Jeff Burton Rizzuto Show Cancer news went viral, and people couldn’t stop sharing details about Burton.

About 105.7 The Point Radio Station: 

105.7 The Point is a commercial FM Radio Station licensed to broadcast in Greater St. Louis, Illinois, United States. It mainly airs programs with an alternative rock format and some active rock elements.

In 2014, it launched its morning program, The Rizzuto Show. The show has earned numerous awards and recognition. The personalities on the show include the host Scott Rizzuto, musician Moon Valjean, Tony Patrico (member of CBC Hall of Fame), King Scott and Jeff Burton.

Jeff Burton Rizzuto Show Cancer:

In March 2021, Jeff Burton was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and he had hoped for a full recovery after undergoing 6 chemo treatments. He had lost his full head of hair and decided to use it for a good cause.

Burton loved to do something for his favourite charitable partner, Kids Rock Cancer. Every week, Burton would wear a hat promoting a local business that made donations at the Kids Rock Cancer. He started the “Man of Many Hats” campaign and raised more than $35,000 for the program.

Fan’s reactions:

After hearing about Rizzuto Show Cancer patient Jeff Burton’s death, the fans were left devastated and heartbroken. Jeff has been on the radio since the mid-1980s and garnered a huge fan following because of his easy-going, lovable personality.

People wrote how Jeff’s morning show made them laugh and how he influenced generations of radio broadcasters. Jeff always had terrific interviews and funny stories. His fans wrote how they would miss his enthusiasm and his extraordinary personality.

Even the team at 105.7 The Point radio station shared how everybody at the station loved Jeff’s kindness, humour and generosity.

Final Words:

This was all about the recent Rizzuto Show Cancer news. Our prayers and thoughts go to Jeff Burton’s family. May they find strength in these challenging times. You can check out this official Facebook post by 105.7 The Point radio station.

Were you also Jeff Burton’s fan? Let us know in the comment section.

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