Rise Footwear Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

This article helps to reveal the knowledge on Rise Footwear Reviews by exploring all its legitimacy factors and related information.

Are you looking for different types of footwear? Do you like wearing footwear matching your style? We have noticed that many people from the United Kingdom are looking for the website Rise Footwear from our findings.

People, as of now, truly prefer to purchase furniture from online shops, given the collection of combinations that simplify it to pick and pick. 

So, let us look at Rise Footwear Reviews to check its genuineness.

Brief Introduction on Rise Footwear?

This is a recently launched online portal that sells different kinds of footwear for both men and women. This site also sells its customers the most comfortable, unique, designer, and quality product.

The official website provides hassle-free delivery to the end-customer with great service. The reviews are also popping up on the official website.

Before endorsing its reviews in detail, let us look at its specifications


Let us look at its specification for clarifying Is Rise Footwear Legit? 

  • Website URL – https://www.risefootwear.com/
  • Website Name – Risefootwear.com
  • Domain creation date – 7th March  2021.
  • Website Type – deals in footwear.
  • Address – Rise footwear, 2 Black Swarn Yard Bermondsey, SE1 3XW, United Kingdom.
  • Contact number – 08808611763.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy – They give 3 to 10 days for processing and delivery.
  • Payment Methods – American Express, VISA, PayPal, and many more.
  • Social Media and Newsletter options – Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter option visible on the official platform. 
  • Return and Refund Policy – 30-days return policy.
  • Reviews – section is given on the website for Rise Footwear Reviews, but no reviews are present over there.

Before exploring the legitimacy points and reviews, let us discuss some Pros and Cons of the website.

Pros for Rise Footwear

  • Presence of social media links and Newsletter.
  • 30-days return policy, providing enough time for choosing the product.
  • Giving an affordable price to the customers.
  • This site is HTTPS protected. 
  • A detailed description of the product being given.

Cons for Rise Footwear

  • The trust score found is enormously low.
  • Reviews are not present on the official site, though a section is given, concluding low or no traffic of customers.

This site looks dubious from the above points, so let us check the legitimacy factors in detail for our end-conclusion.
Is Rise Footwear Legit?

To get a crystal clear conclusion, we need to explore certain particulars in detail and check the scoring. Let us move further for the same.

  • Website’s Age: The web page was created on 7th March 2021, which means created recently can be a scam.
  • Owner’s Data – the details for the same are found missing.
  • Plagiarized Content – Most of the content found plagiarized with other websites.
  • Trust Index – The trust index found only 23.6% for this website, making it a scam.
  • Unbelievable Discounts – Discounts given are huge, making it not legit.
  • Policies – All the policies and conditions are explained in a good manner.
  • Customer Reviews – Rise Footwear Reviews are neither present on-site nor on off-site.
  • Social Media Presence – Facebook and Instagram links are active on the platform.
  • Address Legitimacy – The address shows the correct location when searched on Google Maps.
  • Contact Details Authenticity – The Email ID & Contact number cannot be determined whether they are legit or not.

From the above points, this website seems to be a scam site. But, there are still a few legit factors that we cannot ignore, so we need to check with the customer reviews in detail to find a transparent side of this site.

Rise Footwear Reviews 

When we explored the website, we found that the section for the customer reviews is present on the platform, but no reviews have been recorded. Hence, we can say that the website is facing a low traffic rate, and also, no reviews are seen on the trusted official reviewing websites. So, we suggest our valuable readers prefer trusted websites for their online purchases. In addition, we also recommend knowing How TO Get Money Back From Credit Card Scams, If Scammed.

Final Wrapping

After analyzing all the factors and points in detail, we can tell our readers to give this site time to get updated as all the details have proven legit but lack the Rise Footwear Reviews. 

Apart from this, we also suggest analyzing all the tools by yourself and also prefer using trusted online platforms. Moreover, click here to get the Details On Credit Card Scams And How To Be Secure From Them.

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6 thoughts on “Rise Footwear Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Hi. I believe this to be a scam site.
    I’ve ordered from it only to be sent round in circles when trying to track my order. The 0800 number doesn’t even ring.

    • Hello Aidan Bush, Did you get any verification mail? They did not even bother about the customers. If you are doubtful about the portal, please check for a refund from the payment company. Be cautious. Take care. Thanks.

  2. Do not buy. Scam.
    Found the same essentials sweatshirt on Dhgate. Didn’t even repackage just sent it in the same mailing bag from China!

  3. This is a scam chasing refund from Christmas and no response all they say is we will send an email to management. Conn don’t deal with them.


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