Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980 (Nov 2022) High School Shooting Case!

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Schools are the most critical stage of our life. In addition, it is the place where we find ourselves safe and comfortable. But what if we introduce you to institutions where the disaster happened, causing the death of innocents.

So, we will peel Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980 details in this composition. Also, we will highlight a similar case that appeared recently. 

Who Was Ajax?

Adrian Precia, also known as Ajax, was the student of Spingarn High School. As per the reports, on 10th September 1980, he and his mates were roaming around the concert hall, and suddenly one of his friends started bartering with him with a pistol. Unfortunately, his mate shot him with the weapon, resulting in Ajax’s spot death. 

According to the threads, he was 16 years old when he died. Besides, after the disaster, the investigation pronounced it an accidental death. 

Why Did Spingarn High School Closed?

Ajax’s demise was the first schoolboy to be murdered at that time around the District’s school. Moreover, the sources highlighted that the student numbers started declining, causing the authorities to shut down the institution in 2013. So, now, let us explore the killer of Ajax in the next portion. 

Who Was The Culprit?

We discovered that Michael Joseph Pratt was guilty of killing Ajax through the threads. Moreover, we learned that when the incident took place in 1980, he was 18 years old. In that era, the case trended, but it faded with passing time. Also, a Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980 source pointed out that the case status is still unknown to us. 

Reactions Of Students And The Authority

After the horrible incident, many people expressed their thoughts, including his other friends and the institution. According to another source, we observed the statement of one of Spingarn’s students, Tanya Brown, explaining about the disaster. Similarly, the investigations found no clues about the planned murder. 

On the other hand, the institution head stated that they could not identify what might happen later since the misfortune involved two regular students. While searching for answers to the question Why Did Spingarn High School Closed? We observed they added that the weapon was tiny to identify instantly. 

Latest Connected Incident 

On 15th February 2022, news like Ajax’s Shooting case was trending over the Internet. According to that news, a 14-year-old boy Jahiem Robinson, studying in 12th Grade, was murdered by his 18-year male friend. 

The disaster occurred at Scarborough high school, leading the students to tense. However, the evildoer’s name is not yet revealed over the Internet. Thus, people are talking about Ajax’s Shooting case since similar scenarios are still happening globally. 


The connected links to the Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980 are defined in this post. In addition, this case happened at Spingarn High School, and now it is sealed. 

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