Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs {June} Murder Mystery!

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The article discusses the recent murder mystery of Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs and tries to find out the truth behind the mishap.

Have you heard about the Riley Whitelaw murder case? The 17 years old teenager was killed by her co-worker. The news is already attracting many people’s attention in the United States. The man who is accused of the murder case is Joshua Johnson. The 28 years old person killed Riley for declining Joshua’s romantic proposal.

On 11 June (Saturday), police found the dead body of Whitelaw on the floor of the Walgreens. Both Johnson and Whitelaw were working over here. In this article, we need to know about Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs.

What is the Mystery? 

As per the police report, the story began last year. Riley accused Johnson of her manager. Whitelaw complained Johnson’s behavior was not good for her. Johnson disturbed her all the time. Whitelaw also asked for the different work times she did the job.

After listening to this entire thing, Whitelaw’s manager allowed her to work at different times. Just a few days back, Riley asked for more work. But her manager warned her that if she worked more hours, she also needed to work with Joshua. But Riley agreed.

Walgreens Colorado Springs

It is the place where both Riley and Joshua worked together. On 11 June, the police got a phone call from the manager of the Walgreens store. The manager informed the police that death was found on the store room floor.

The manager also reported to the police that the floor was covered with blood when they entered the store. The Colorado Springs Police rushed to the incident site.  The police sealed the area and found an ID card and earpiece beside the dead body. It was Joshua’s badge.

Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs

After the primary investigation, police checked the CCTV footage of the store. On the footage police took on that day, Joshua blocked the surveillance camera with some boxes. After this, the tragedy happened.

The Colorado police had already caught Joshua. The investigating team had already started interrogating Johnson for the murder case. In the interrogation, Joshua told police he found the dead body, and for the blood reason, he changed the shirt. But Johnson didn’t inform the police about the dead body of Riley. Police will produce Joshua to the court on 21 June for Walgreens Murder Colorado Springs.

Why Do People Want the Real Reason? 

Many media publication has published a report on the murder case. One media report mentioned that Riley’s boyfriend also got a job there. For this reason, Johnson got jealous. Johnson always had particular emotions for Riley. So, out of anger and frustration, Johnson killed Whitelaw. The Colorado police are also investigating this theory.


In the meanwhile, many people are demanding Joshua’s punishment. On social media, lots of people ordered a pure investigation. The people also pay their condolences to Whitelaw’s family.

All the Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs report is taken from the good news and internet sources. But you can check the news link for more accurate data. What is your opinion about the murder? Comment, please.

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