Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend {Feb} Know Their Love, Breakup!

Wondering the hot news about Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend? Scroll down the page and know her love life and breakup.

Are you wondering who the current Boyfriend of Rihanna is? Her fans are extremely excited Worldwide to know who it is since everyone is hearing about Saudi boyfriend. If you’re eager to know, then you have landed on the right page. This article will talk about her love life and also her career goals. 

Let us clear the whole details we have mentioned after researching over the internet and reading news. Without further ado, let us know about Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend

Who is Rihanna? 

Rihanna is a famous singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman that has a huge fan following Worldwide. She was born in Saint Michael on February 20, 1988. She has received lots of awards in her career so far, such as American Music Awards, Much, NRJ, MTV VMA, Billboard, Grammy, and much more. 

Without a doubt, she is one of the best in her professional strengths, but unfortunately, she is not lucky enough in her love life. She is single and got out of her long years’ relationship. So, is it Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend? Let us see!

Know Everything About Saudi Boyfriend

Hassan Jameel was the Saudi Boyfriend of Rihanna. They were having their affair for 3 years. The US weekly reported they had parted their ways but neither confirmed publicly. So, for your information, here we have gathered some information on both. Read on.

Jameel is a Toyota Heir

Jameel is a billionaire as his family owns the distribution of Toyota Motors in Saudi Arabia as well as in other Middle East countries. Currently, he is the president of his father’s company and also organizes lots of social programs for their individuals in Saudi Arabia, such as cultural, educational, and social for economic development. Besides, Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend is a heartthrob of girls, too, as he has a stunning look, luxury lifestyle, and successful business empire. 

What’s his net worth?

The average net worth of Jameel is $1.5 billion, and they ranked as the 12th richest man in the world. On the other hand, Rihanna is the richest female singer, which is not too far as her net worth is $600 million.  

Jameel also owns a soccer league since his family business is to sponsor the Saudi Football league, which is now popular as Jameel League. There were reports too that indicate he dated Naomi Campbell, but it was squashed by Campbell. 

Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend‘s Breakup

A number of sources claimed they both have parted ways and not dating after 3years of relationship. Well, the reports are not confirmed by the couple yet. Click here to know more about Rihanna’s love life.  

The Bottom Line

With the above conversation, we can say that both couples have parted their ways as per sources. However, the couple has not shared any official statement yet. This news is coming since both are not seeing each other. Besides, Rihanna and Jameel are a good pair, and Rihanna’s love life is always the hot topic for their fans. 

We hope the news is not true. What do you believe? Does Rihanna Saudi Boyfriend part? Comment your thoughts. 

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