Rideoncar.us Reviews (March 2022) It Is A Legit Portal?

Rideoncar.us Online Website Reviews
This article talks about Rideoncars.us Reviews and provides all the information to prove whether this website is authentic or fake. Stay tuned to get more.

Do you have young kids? Does that demand for fast and cool cars and motorbikes? Your search ends here.

There’s a website named Rideoncars.us where you can buy various types of cool and powerful toy cars for your young kids.

In the United States, kids are fond of Sach super cool bikes and cars they can’t drive in their childhood and are also safe. They run with batteries and have lots of variants in their product.

Let’s gather some details about Rideoncar.us Reviews.

Summary on Rideoncars.us

Rideoncars deals with electric kids’ toys available in different variations and options.

They sell their products on their official website Rideoncars.us, including Supercar, bikes, Go Kart, buggies, ATV, etc.

They have replicas of all sorts of cars and bikes for kids to enjoy their childhood.The company claims that they made products for all age categories of children from 3 years to 14 and have different kinds of toys for all the ages accordingly. 

Though Rideoncars need to be searched more and evaluated to verify Is Rideoncar.us legit?


  • Website type: they sell your product online, including electronic toy cars for youngsters.
  • Email: info@rideoncar.us OR sales@rideoncar.us 
  • Website: https://rideoncar.us/
  • Contact address: rideoncar.us 2501 W memorial rd OKC, ok 73134 #109
  • Contact number: (593)888 – 5577 EXT.1
  • Sort/filter: they have a unique product in all the categories, so the portal filter is not available, but categorisation is available. 
  • Cost of product: USD
  • Mode of payment: Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, Master Card, visa, etc.,
  • Shipping policy: free.
  • Delivery duration: 14 to 16 days.
  • Return policy: 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Social media links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Rideoncar.us Reviews are essential to get the correct information regarding the product and this website. So let’s figure out some positive and negative feedback about this website in the section below.

Positive feedback

  • They provide you with our vast diversity of products on their official website.
  • Customer reviews are also present.
  • The price of the products is quite appealing.
  • Multiple social media platforms are linked.

Negative feedback

  • This website link is not secure.
  • The company claims that they have been in business for 10+ years, but the domain says it’s just three months older.
  • Domain age and dates as per the customer reviews did not match.

Is Rideoncar.us Legit?

  • Age of website: this website seems to be created on 11th December 2021 (2 months and 24 days)
  • Website trust score: The trust score of the website is just 1% 
  • Alexa ranking: Alexa’s global ranking is 1648208
  • Contact address legitimacy: website provides a contact address with an official map.
  • Email ID legit or not: website provides an email address, but it’s not responding
  • Content originality: the website is freshly created, so it’s tough to say anything about its originality and authenticity.
  • The owner identity: there is no information regarding the owner’s identity
  • Customers Review: Rideoncar.us Reviews are present, but we cannot say whether they are authentic or fake.
  • Social media linking: this portal is linked to many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr Venmo.
  • Return and exchange policies: The company clean 60 days money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for all its products.
  • Refund policy: you can apply for a refund after 14 days of the delivery.

This website needs to be adequately evaluated to prove its authenticity by the customer reviews provided on its official websites. Let’s some look at its reviews.

Rideoncar.us Reviews

Website reviews always play a vital role in online shopping. While you are going to buy any product from any e-commerce portal, it is necessary to check customers’ feedback. 

For Rideoncar, we have checked all details and here we find some mixed reviews on its Facebook page.  We also suggest buyers to click here to get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed for safe online shopping. 


Rideoncars.us is an online portal that provides electric motor cars and bikes for young kids.

But dates available on its review section do not match its domain age, bringing a massive question on its authenticity.

It seems that Rideoncar.us Reviews are suspicious, and we recommend you to read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams to stay away from such suspicious websites.

It will be a great support if you write down your valuable comments and reviews.

40 thoughts on “Rideoncar.us Reviews (March 2022) It Is A Legit Portal?

      1. The website was removed as it was a scam and your 4 digit order number doesn’t exist, and your tracking number doesn’t exist

    1. Pretty sure I got scammed, my bank is doing an investigation right now in hopes to get my money back. The tracking number doesn’t exit and the company that was supposed to ship said the tracking number was supposed to have 12 numbers and it has 11, therefore it is invalid and they can not help me….

    2. Bob… this site is a scam. I am sorry this happened and hope you can contest the purchase with your CC company. I am having to do the same and will spread the word this company is a fraud.

          1. Hello Dave, Hope you get nice and real one. Once you receive make sure to update about the same. It will help the buyers to get review to deal with. Thanks in advance. Stay safe. Take care.

    3. Yes me also waited the 17 days no shipping updated no reply on messages anymore so now fighting with my bank to get refund

  1. Yes they don’t answer the phone and sent me a track number with 11 digits from DHL shipping company. Contacted them and they said it wasn’t valid. I really would like to give them a visit at thier physical address.

  2. I placed an order March 1st 2022 for a car. I received an email letting me know order was placed right away. 1 day later March 2nd I was curious if I could purchase a extra 24v battery. 12hrs later next morning assuming upon opening since I sent the email during the night. They sent me back a link to buy one and that yes I could. After seeing that I replied how about a charger? 1hr later they replied I could but they was out of chargers at the moment. So everything feels okay about it. But not ordering the extra stuff until I get the car and see how well it works .9 days counting the weekend my order only said placed. I send an email. Asking when do y’all normally ship? Email replied back with there order rules. It takes 16days not counting the weekend before the item either is shipped or you could ask for full refund. Well on day 11 counting weekend days. On my shop app I got an alert order has shipped UPS with a tracking code. Feeling very positive and excited for my babygirl at that point. Go to UPS site and tracking number not recognized. Now day 15 with weekend days counted. Order still says shipped but tracker not recognized. The tracker number does have the right amount of digits. So still waiting at this point. I will try to email and get an update but feel rule since it’s not 16 days not counting the weekend day, per there guide lines.

    Will update review.

      1. I sent an email this morning explaining my tracking number not valid. They replied, telling me the tracking is assigned so the system don’t automatically switch the order to a refund status after 16days. They claim the have the unit and are assuring me they will be shipping it. Once it ships the number will become active . So seems like still a waiting game or a run around.

        Will see, I’ll make sure to send an update .

  3. They scammed me for 300 3 weeks ago.Mept getting just 1 more day, don’t worry. Then a “good news” ur package has been accepted by fed ex. Was given a tracking number days ago, for it to just say, no such item exist. So, me being me went to reporting their page and letting everyone know they’re scammers. Just now received (after persistent harassing, a bank investigation, and Facebook reporting) I received a refund. Haven’t got the money , so we shall see.

  4. Purchased a mini bike March 2nd. Similar to all of you got a mock tracking number. I even got communication from chat it would be delivered to my door in 8-12 “business days. Well today was day 17 and no delivery. I reached out and the said it was lost in-transit by the freight company, which is BS because the tracking # isn’t real. They sent an email confirmation for a full refund. It will take 4-6 business days. If it extends that before I see a credit I’ll reach out to my credit card company for a fraud dispute.

    Buyers beware. At the very least they are very dishonest and have a horrible business model. Very likely fraud claims will start pouring in.

      1. Didn’t receive order and on day 6 of said $ refund still no refund on my credit card. I’m now filing a fraud claim with credit card in the morning.

    1. Order lost and no refund, so been trying to get a hold of some one, no luck. Called and emails no luck. They said they would refund my money immediately not so a week later no money in my account. They are scammers. Beware do not buy from them. The better business and attorney general should be looking into this business and put them out of business. An charge them with fraud and sentence them to jail time for ripping of the American people. Thank you for time

  5. I was looking into buying a rideon for my little girl until I read all these bad reviews. Idk where everyone found this website but I found it on Google. the link I clicked for this site had a “Google guarantee” posted at the bottom of the item that’s why I clicked on it. The way the website was set up made me suspicious. So some of you might look in to getting reimbursed from Google. What I read about the Google guarantee is if there’s a problem they’ll take care of it. Just wanted to share that with you people

  6. Update: Definite scam! Did not respond to any of my follow-up emails. Never emailed after they said they would confirm refund. My credit card company refunded my money and they never disputed. Buyers beware the high risk!

  7. Definately a scam site, surprized it’s legal. According to google maps they must operate out of the TGIF’s restaurant.

  8. Ordered in mid-March and getting the same run-around as everyone else. Called Amex this afternoon to cancel charges. SCAM

  9. Still no order or update on shipment. Asked them if they was a scam. They said scams don’t offer full refund. Would I like them to process a refund. I said yes that would be great. Well that was April 2nd. Now they don’t respond to my emails how long refund normally takes. Lol, So now I have my bank involved to see if I can make a fraud claim and get my money back.

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