Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT {Jan} Find Founder, Buying Detail

This article describes a trending non-fungible token collection based on various 3D digital art collections with a story. Read on Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.

Are you interested in exploring some interesting non-fungible token collections discussed among the crypto community members? If yes, please continue reading this article completely to understand all major insights on this topic.

Digital art enthusiasts from the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom are looking towards purchasing various rare art tokens that will tend to gain value over time. The positive momentum of the crypto and blockchain space accelerates the growth potential. Read more about the Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.

About Rich Dwarves Tribe Token Collections

The token collection consists of several digital arts created by various digital artists. The art collection consists of three major clans that live in the Sif Mountain. The three major clans are located at three different locations, and the NFT collection consists of three clans, three treasures and three chapters.

The NFTs consist of various digital art collections representing various clan members. The NFTs can connect the mysterious puzzle and solve the story involving the clan members and their activities. The value of NFTs varies accordingly.

Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT

  • The NFT of the tribes is developed using the ERC-721 tokens. The NFT is hosted using IPFS.
  • The NFT collection consists of 4999 dwarves, and these digital arts fall under four different divisions.
  • All the NFT arts in the collection consist of 3D high-quality artworks.
  • The first clan consists of the MO$$O family and its members. The members of this clan include the legendary MO$$O, the counselors, the conveyors and the guardians.
  • The legendary MO$$O is the strongest, wealthiest and powerful member of this clan and is involved in the major decision-making process.

Founders and Team Behind the NFT Collections

  • Umdol, Brokk and Erorg co-founded the Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.
  • The marketing team include Andhor, Kirin, Undrun, Oduhm and Glufrak.
  • The design team consists of Gumong, Alparf, Troyerg, Dwaosar and Graros.
  • Ogdok manages the blockchain development.
  • Drano is in charge of smart contract development.
  • Orgon is behind the metaverse development.
  • The Instagram and Twitter team consists of Odohr, Aldrum and Thornak. This social media team is always in touch with the followers.

How to Get Rich Dwarves Tribe Tokens?

  • Visit
  • Connect your Metamask wallet with the website. New users can create a free Metamask wallet. Learn more about the Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.
  •  After creating a wallet, install the Metamask extension from the Google Chrome browser.
  • Add ETH tokens to your wallet. Purchase ETH tokens from Binance or Coin base exchanges.
  • Connect your wallet on the NFT launch date and mint your Dwarf by paying equivalent ETH tokens. The NFT gets credited after the minting process.
  • All the NFT holders are given community membership.


NFTs collection with impressive 3D digital arts and an adventurous storyline makes it more valuable in the NFT marketplace. To know more about the topic, please visit.

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