Revella Sneakers Reviews {Dec 2021} A Scam Or Legit Site

This article shares information about the Revella Sneakers Reviews and their trustworthiness.

Do you love to shop online and spend your leisure time with your loved ones? Are you tired of moving out for shopping and spending time in the scorching heat? So, we are here to find some websites that can help you shop online and get products at your doorsteps in the United States. It is essential to know its legitimacy before moving ahead with its purchase. So, we are here to provide information about Revella Sneakers Reviews and its legitimacy. 

What are Revella Sneakers? 

It is a website providing sneakers and streetwear, whichever you like to use in the United States. It is imbibed with great enthusiasts and young people to serve the people by providing the required choice. There are various products like sneakers, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. The brands which are more prominent on this website are Air Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, etc. Therefore, you can choose any branded products from this website to fulfill your desires. We hope you have now been clarified with what is Revella Sneakers and now let’s understand Is Revella Sneakers Legit or not. 


  • Type of Website: E-commerce website 
  • Type of Product: Sneakers and Street wears
  • Domain Age: It is not more than one year old. 
  • Domain Name:
  • Email ID:
  • Contact Number: Not Available. 
  • Address: Not Available
  • Shipping Policy: It takes 7-14 days of shipping. 
  • Return Policy: It accepts the return of the product within 14 days of delivery. 
  • Refund Policy: It can refund the payment. 
  • Certification: It has HTTPS certification. 
  • Payment Method: It accepts online payment. 
  • Social media presence: It is not present on social media platforms. 
  • Reviews: Not available. 

Pros of using Revella Sneakers: 

  • Revella Sneakers Reviews has a vast collection of branded products applicable to you at one destination.
  • It also has HTTPS certification to secure your privacy from third-party invaders. 

Cons of using Revella Sneakers: 

  • The website is not present on any social media platforms to claim its legitimacy. 
  • There are no reviews available about the website, and therefore it is not a good sign about the website. 
  • The website’s domain age is feeble, and thus, we cannot trust such new websites. 
  • There is no transparency on this website about the owner and any of its sources. 

Is Revella Legit

We have analyzed various factors to gauge the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, let’s have a look at it. 

  • The first factor is the domain age, and if we see the domain age of the website, it is not more than one month old. It was created on 2nd November 2021. Therefore, it is such a new website to be trusted upon. 
  • The second factor that one must-see is that there is no social media presence on any platform. Therefore, this website seems to be suspicious. 
  • The trust score of the website is 3.6 out of 100, which is very poor. 
  • There is mention of an email id that seems legit, but we cannot rely on its legitimacy. 
  • As per Revella Sneakers Reviewsthere are no consumer reviews about the website. As the website is new, people have not approached it as such. 
  • There is no Alexa ranking available about the website. 
  • There is no mention of any contact number or address, and therefore there is no complete transparency on the website. 
  • There is HTTPS certification about the platform, and this secures your privacy. But this cannot be the sole reason to trust this website. 
  • The content seems to be plagiarised, but there is not much information about it. 

So, after analyzing these factors, we could say that this website seems suspicious, and we cannot trust it. It would be wise that you. 

What are Revella Sneakers Reviews

As per our research, there is not much consumer interaction with this website, and therefore we could not find any consumer reviews. The website is now. Therefore, we could not trust this platform. It is wise to trust any platform with complete information and proof. Therefore, we recommend that you not trust this website blindly and have complete information later as the website becomes older. 

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Final Verdict: 

Various websites are involved in online selling, and you must be aware of those channels or platforms. It’s better to have a legitimate website before proceeding ahead with the shopping. We hope Revella Sneakers Reviews have made everything clear to you about this website.

What are your views regarding such new websites? You can share your views in the comment section below. Are you a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Click here if you ever been get scammed!

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