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Are you interested in knowing the net worths and past life of celebrities and business members? Do you have an interest in knowing the net worth of the Reuben brothers? In this article, we will share all our research based on Reuben Brothers Net Worth with you. As the brothers have their business in the United Kingdom, the people there also want to know how they became very rich. So don’t miss a single detail in this article and read below. 

Who are the Reuben brothers? 

Reuben Brothers is a group of two brothers who have a business in the United Kingdom. David Reuben was born in 1941, and Simon Reuben was born in 1944. They started a small business in a metal and carpet factory and started their businesses in many fields. Recently the Sunday Times rich list mentioned them as the second richest family in the UK. 

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The early life of the Reuben brothers 

The two brothers were born in Bombay during British India. They were the sons of Nancy Reuben and David Sassoon Reuben. They were considered as a Baghdadi Jewish family. Along with their mother, the two brothers shifted to the UK in 1950, and they started living in Islington.

Careers of Reuben brothers 

Both the brothers planned to start a business. So David started a scrap and metal business while Simon started his career in the carpet business. He bought the oldest carpet business at that time, and both the brothers started gaining wealth. But in 1960-1970 their earnings were at a peak. Know the Reuben Brothers Net Worth by reading the below article. 

Reuben Brothers: Current Activities

As their metal and carpet factories were doing very good in making them money. They started selling all their Russian assets in 2000. The main reason is that the brothers wanted to focus on their main business and wanted to make it grow more. Currently, they are investing and financing in major tech. Companies to make more money. 

Below are the businesses by the Reuben brothers:

  • Metal business
  • Carpet business
  • Aldergate investment
  • real estate
  • sports
  • Arena racing company
  • Newcastle United Football Club

The Reuben brothers opted and changed many businesses in their careers.

Reuben Brothers Net Worth 

According to The Times, the Reuben brothers have made their wealth that relies on government tax laws. The Sunday Times Rich List also mentioned that the Reuben brothers are the UK’s second richest family. The Reuben brothers’ current wealth is estimated to be £16 billion, and their wealth has been increasing progressively over the recent decade.


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