Return Of 8th Class The Magician {Sep} Story Of Ian Page

Let’s explore Return of 8th Class the Magician, an anime-based novel that revolves around the timeline of past and present.

Would you love to read the fascinating story of an anime based novel? Do you want to know how the person travels in the past to live the life of a young boy? Then here comes today’s content highlighting the details of the same.

Worldwide, reading a novel and watching series is one of the favourite hobbies of people. Moreover, an engaging storyline gradually grabs our interests.

So, let’s explore the Return of 8th Class the Magician. Being an ongoing novel, it updates the latest chapter that is why readers are quite curious to know about its story, genre and other facts.

Background of the novel

The main character of the story is Ian Page. The plot revolves around the cycle of past and present. He was the first man to break through the 6th and 7th class to become a powerful magician in the 8th class. With his life, he made his continent unified.

Now, as the time fades and the story of Return of 8th Class the Magician continues, he becomes old and wants to live the rest of his life in peace and try to save the blood he spilt in the wars. So he decided to spend his life in the hometown where his mother died.

On the other hand, his old friend used to betray him for being so powerful, and at last, he killed him by giving poison. But the fascinating thing was that in the last breath, he cast time magic that allowed him to run back in the time when he was a young boy. With all knowledge, he decided to make his early life much better with fewer regrets.

Basic Information of Return of 8th Class the Magician

  •   Genre – Action, Fantasy, and tragedy
  •   Status – ongoing
  •   Ratings – 4.7 out of 5
  •   Author – Ryu Song
  •   Artist – Tes
  •   Type – Manhwa

Description of Ian Page

  •   Vital status – alive
  •   Gender – Male
  •   Age – Presently, he is 42, and when his second life begins, he becomes a young boy of 12
  •   Hair colour – light brown
  •   Eye colour – Blue
  •   Spouse – Hailey Greenriver
  •   Profession – he was an archmage in 9th class
  •   Residence – Ian’s mansion

What are the personality traits of Ian Page?

The story, Return of 8th Class the Magician, depends on him, so it’s crucial to know his personality and appearance.

He is a handsome guy with long hair who dresses in a dark blue robe that perfectly matches the eye colour. The regret in his life was that he failed to take care of his mother in the past timeline but it motivates him to become stronger to save his loved ones.

The decades he survived in the past were spent magically by participating and researching in the continental wars.

However, to learn more about the character, we recommend watching the overview of the story in Chapter one and two.


Return of 8th Class the Magician is one of the best novels for those who are fans of anime characters, love to read action and fantasy stories, hence a perfect book that can fit your interest.

What are your views about the storyline? Comment and share with us.

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