Renttrack Reviews {June} Is It A Legit Site? Read This!

Renttrack Online Website Reviews

Please go through this report to learn about the Renttrack Reviews, regarding an online rent reporting platform useful for renters and property managers.

Are you a property manager looking forward to manage the rent you receive from your renters? Or, are you tired of following up with your tenants to pay rent on time? In both cases, this account will be useful.

Today’s article has mentioned details about an online rent reporting platform. Renters and property managers from the United States are eager to learn all the significant information about this website’s working. Therefore, please continue reading to learn about the Renttrack Reviews.

Reviews of Renttrack

Many financial and investment platforms appreciate the subject website’s services. The positive feedback primarily revolves around the FICO score one can make using this website. However, one of the leading reviewing forums has posted some critical comments about Renttrack. The users in this forum have mentioned that it does not seem to be a genuine site. 

Also, many have negated the idea of building credit from rent payments, and that is only a business drill of such sites. Therefore, we got both positive and negative reviews about the subject website on the Net. 

Renttrack Customer Service

Renttrack has many contact points to reach the customer care support team. One can send the team an e-mail at Renters and property managers may also connect with the executives through Facebook, Live Chat, and Twitter. 

Those who are comfortable with calling this platform can do so at 1 866 841 9090. This organization works all weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, per Central Time. The team solves queries of renters and property managers regarding rent payment tracking. It is in accordance with the legal regulations of reporting rent payments to the state.

What Is Renttrack?

Renttrack is an online rent tracking and reporting tool that helps renters and property managers with rent payments. It invites tenants to be a member of this portal, thereby reporting their rent payments to the three major credit bureaus of the United States. These are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. 

Renters can make credit out of the payments they receive through the rents. Furthermore, the website offers incentives and rewards to the residents if they pay on time. Therefore, it eliminates the eviction rate, as residents are punctual in paying their rent. The Renttrack Reviews on many investment portals also mention that this forum helps increase the FICO score.

Is Renttrack Legit?

The below-mentioned particulars will help you affirm this website’s trustworthiness. 

  • Age of Website – This website’s oldness is twenty-three years. The developers created it on 10 January 2000.
  • Trust Score of Portal – 93%, which is a Good Trust Index.
  • Connection to Social Media – The designers have connected the subject portal to its social media handles on Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Reviews of Customers – We found mixed reviews about this platform on the Internet. Some websites mention it has excellent services. But users on one reviewing portal state that it is untrustworthy.


As per Renttrack Reviews, this website has a good trust score and life span, and thus it seems genuine from one angle. However, from the other facet, the critical customer reviews generate doubts regarding its legality. Thus, it is not easy to declare its legitimacy, and we request readers to research thoroughly before using this website. Also, you may like to read about a good credit score to be well informed.

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