Relibes Reviews (March 2022) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

If you are searching for a place to buy men’s clothes, we suggest you go through our Relibes Reviews, which will guide you thoroughly.

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So, if you love to do online shopping, we will discuss such an online shop. This online shop is known by the name Relibes. This shop mainly deals in clothes, but particularly men’s fashion. And we have come to know that people from the United States and the United Kingdom are very eager to learn about this website. So, let’s discuss it further.

If you are looking for correct information about this website’s legitimacy, look into our Relibes Reviews.

Briefing About Relibes

Relibes is an online shop founded in the year 2021. This website only deals in men’s fashion and their products are categorized into different types. They offer men’s tops, bottoms, short sleeve tops, sportswear, etc. Their products also look pretty expensive.

The company claims that they are one of the leading suppliers of fashionable clothes and accessories and also, they only offer latest trends products. But compared to other competing websites, this website doesn’t seem attractive.

Next, we will get familiar with the features of Relibes. So, till now, if you find the discussion interesting, please keep on reading and get to know Is Relibes Legit?

Important Features of Relibes

  • Website Age- Website founded on 2021/12/06, being only 2 months old.
  • Email Address- connect to
  • Social Links- not found any.
  • Domain Link- check at
  • Return Policy- The deadline for returning products is within 14 days.
  • Exchange Policy- no information given.
  • Newsletter-
  • Refund Policy- shipping fee and guarantee are non-refundable.
  • Forms of Payment- Mode of payment are via MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, PayPal, etc.
  • Contact Address- no company address given.
  • Contact No- check this +(626) 667-2133 through Relibes Reviews.
  • Product Offered- Men’s tops, bottoms, sportswear, etc.
  • Delivery Timing- Shipping ranges within 15-30 business days.
  • Shipping Method- Ship via UPS/DHL.

If you would like to know the merits and demerits of shopping from this, check further segments.

Merits of Relibes

  • URL and Portal names are similar.
  • The HTTPS protocol protects the domain.
  • Email Id and Contact number are mentioned.

Demerits of Relibes

  • The website is new.
  • It has short life expectancy.
  • Contact details are not correct.
  • Trust score is below average.
  • No social media accounts.
  • Customer Reviews are not found.

Is Relibes Legit Or a Fake Online Site?

This is the most critical part of our discussion. Here you will get to know the legitimacy factors with the help of which you can easily decide the website’s validity. So, below we will draw the parameters. So, go through it carefully.

  • Website Foundation Date- The website was founded on 2021/12/06.
  • Website Termination Date- Website will cease to exist in 2022/12/06.
  • Discounts- discount is given on selected products.
  • Social Platform- not active on any social media platforms.
  • Customer Feedback- No customer reviews available.
  • Trust Score- Check via Relibes Reviews that the trust score is only 2%, which is not up to the mark.
  • Trust Rank- Trust Ranking not available co
  • Alexa Rank- No results on the Alexa Ranking.
  • Policies- All policies are mentioned.
  • Content Quality- Their about us details is 100 % plagiarized.
  • Address Authenticity- Physical Address not provided. Only email id and contact number are mentioned on this online platform.

What Customers Are Saying – Relibes Reviews

While checking the customer reviews of the Relibes website, we didn’t come across single website feedback. There are no reviews available on any trusted site or any social platform. Also, there are no reviews on their website.

But we did find some evaluation of their website. So, this website lacks transparency, as it doesn’t have any reviews, are any vital point while judging a site’s legitimacy.

So, if you are having trouble how to get a refund via PayPal, check here in the Relibes Reviews.

And if you have any thoughts or experiences about this website, comment in the box below.

Final Conclusion

So, based on our previous discussion, we have learned that Relibes deals in men’s fashion and clothing. This website is very young and lacks social media presence. But the most critical asset it lacks is the customer reviews.

So, we can judge it as a suspicious website by these above points. Also, we have to see if there is any update on this website in the future. Therefore, if you were scammed and want to know how to get a refund via credit card, check here in the Relibes Reviews.

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