Reddit Forbidden Error (Jan) Bugs & Fixes Explained!

The guide shares details about the Reddit Forbidden Error and the general fixes available for you.

Reddit is a popular discussion forum where people discuss different topics to get reliable answers and solutions. However, like other applications, it is prone to errors. Recently, some platform users are getting a common Forbidden Error with a code 403.

This type of error occurs when users try to subreddit any comment or post any comment to continue the thread. However, it prevents them from accessing the account to post on any subreddit. 

Many users in the United States are getting the error, and they are finding an effective solution to Reddit Forbidden Error 403.

What is Reddit 403 Forbidden Error?

Reddit 403 Forbidden Error is the kind of error that occurs when the users attempt to post any subreddit. There are different underlying causes of the error. But, there are fixes available to this error. 

The error occurs with a message that says “Forbidden,” and users are restricted from posting any subreddit as they got banned. So, it is a type of error that tells you that you are banned for some reason, and you can’t continue with any subreddit. 

However, you must not panic as some common fixes are available to help you fix them.

What are the Fixes for Reddit Forbidden Error?

Many users in the United States have reported that they have been facing the error 403. They are restricted from posting subreddit or continuing to any thread as they got banned by the platform. However, some common fixes are available to help users get rid of them.

General Solutions:

  • Users must uninstall and re-install the application to see if the problem has been fixed. In many cases, re-installing the application helps in fixing the error. So, uninstall the application and reinstall it again to see if it is fixed.
  • Secondly, you may try to use the platform on a different browser. Sometimes Reddit Forbidden Error occurs in specific browsers, and it can be fixed easily by launching the application on a different web browser. So, change the browser to see if the error is fixed.   

What are the Other Fixes for Forbidden Error?

If the above fixes don’t work for your case, you may try out other fixes. The Reddit 403 Forbidden Error restricts you from accessing the account or post subreddit. The error tells that you are banned for different reasons, like posting inapt content or sharing false information, and more. So, avoid such things to prevent Reddit Forbidden Error.  

If you don’t know why you are banned, contact the moderator and ask why the error occurs because it sometimes occurs mistakenly. If nothing works, you must wait or call customer support to fix it.


Reddit is the platform for discussing topics with the world. However, sometimes users are banned and restricted from accessing the platform. It is due to an error called 403 Forbidden Error. 

However, there are different underlying causes of the error. But fortunately, the Reddit Forbidden Error can be fixed using the above tips. Besides, you must stay alert and learn The Things to Do When Facing an Error

Are you facing the Reddit 403 Forbidden Error? How You Fixed It? Please, share in the comment section.

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