Receive Your Next Objective In Covert Cavern {Feb} Read!

This article describes a feature from the Fortnite game in which the player needs to collect the Keycard. Read on Receive Your Next Objective in Covert Cavern.

Are you excited to play Fortnite games? If yes, you must know more about the latest trending gaming feature available on this game. Read this article ultimately to realize all the potential gaming features provided by the game developers. 

Gamers from the United States are excited to complete the trending season by following the gaming methods to advance various gaming levels. The exciting gaming levels challenge the gamer and test their gaming skill and flexibility. Read about Receive Your Next Objective in Covert Cavern.

About Fortnite Games

Fortnite game is a combination of battle royale and survival genres. The games are published and developed by the prominent American game publishers Epic Games. The game is currently available on major platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Play station 5, iOS, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, Windows and Nintendo Switch.

The game provides highly realistic graphic features that give gamers an extraordinary gaming experience. The game also allows the players to create teams with online players to participate in various gaming missions and modes to improve their gaming skills and rankings.

Receive Your Next Objective in Covert Cavern

  • The player needs to go through some problematic gaming levels to reach the Covert Cavern Keycard.
  • In this particular season one of chapter three, the gamer must defeat the new boss of Fortnite, Gunnar.
  • Defeating the Gunner helps get hold of the Mythic Stinger SMG, a lethal weapon that provides an upper hand over other enemies.
  • Gunner usually keeps his Mythic Stinger SMG with him.

How to find Gunnar and Defeat Him?

  • Gunnar is present at the Covert Cavern, located inside the mountains. This location is situated north of Camp Cuddle. Learn to Receive Your Next Objective in Covert Cavern.
  • The entrance to the south is protected, and it’s better to enter inside using secret entrances.
  • It is better to attack Gunnar with a squad as it is the most efficient and easier method.
  • Stock necessary weapons before the attack.
  • Find appropriate cover to avoid massive attacks.
  • Avoid Gunner’s deadly punch and attack him when he is weak.
  • After every attack, stay away from being attacked and hide between rocks to avoid fatal injury.
  • Once Gunner gets defeated, collect his Covert Cavern Keycard and Mythic Stinger SMG and proceed to Receive Your Next Objective in Covert Cavern.

What is the use of the Covert Cavern Keycard?

  • After Gunnar is defeated, the killer can access the special Covert Cavern Keycard.
  • Covert Cavern Keycard can be used to get into the Covert Cavern Vault.
  • The exact Vault location is mentioned on the Keycard.
  • The vault contains Vault Chests to be collected to create a loadout.


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