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The write-up will educate our readers about the Rebecca Klopper Twitter video detail and help to know about the viewer’s reaction.

Have you heard about this video clip that is widely shared online? Are you eager to know the content of the viral video? This video caught the attention of Worldwide users. This video went viral after being posted online, and viewers constantly shared it. 

We are here to explain Rebecca Klopper Twitter entire video, which has gone viral on social media and has left internet users scrambling to find it.

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Twitter link of Rebecca Klopper- Let’s find here-

Fascinating footage of Indonesian actress Rebecca Klopper that went viral on Twitter has caused controversy online. The duration of the original video is 47 seconds. The man’s face is not seen in the 47-second video, but the girl’s face is visible. 

The girl has been recognized as Rebecca Klopper. As a result, many theories are floating around regarding the man’s real identity in the video. According to some, Fadly Faisal is the man seen in the video with Rebecca Klopper.

Klasifikasi Rebecca Klopper

Rebecca Klopper’s full name, bio information, and classification have all been requested due to the widely circulated clip claimed to involve the Rebecca Klopper scandal.

Name Rebecca Ayu Putri Klopper
Date of Birth born 21 November 2001
Nationality Indonesia
Father name James Klopper
Mother name Susanna Klopper
Siblings Jessica Klopper-Sister)

Oscar Klopper-brother)

Profession Actress
Education Not found

Actress Rebecca Ayu Putri Klopper is of Australian and Indonesian descent. She debuted in the entertainment world in 2013 as Mella in the soap opera Bersama Reaching Dreams, and in 2016 she rose to fame as Sasha in the soap opera Mermaid in Love.

Video Rebecca Koppler Download

Some people say that Rebecca Klopper’s popular video is fake, not real, and that the girl in the clip is not Rebecca. However, the actress’s face is the same in the thrilling video. The trending Twitter video also displays the girl’s attire, which appears to be the same as the actresses. 

However, viewers are curious to watch the video and look for its link to download.

On Instagram, she has a huge fan following, and after the video scandal, many of her fans are supporting her and saying it is not a real video clip.

Who recorded a video of Rebecca Klopper Twitter that went viral?

It is believed that this racy video was shot by her ex-partner Fadly Faisal. After the name of Fadly came in this Rebecca video scandal, his father Haji Faisal, supported his son. He also stated that it is only a trap to harm their family’s reputation. It is only an edited video clip. 

He also requested authorities to know the source of the video, and he appealed to viewers not to watch it. However, the video of the Indonesian female actor became an internet sensation and trending on leading social media platforms with specific search Rebecca Klopper Twitter.

A girl who resembles actress Rebecca Klopper is shown lying in bed in the 47-second clip with a half-conscious expression. Who released the bedroom video remains a mystery. Rebecca Klopper, an actress, was recently seen at Fadly Faisal’s house. 

The actress’s stomach mole can also be seen in the video. According to internet users, the girl in the video is Rebecca Klopper, who is confident in their identification.

Is this video leaked on Redditt?

This video possesses racy clips that have created controversy, so it might be that Rebecca Klopper Twitter has been removed from many social sites. That’s why on Redditt, we did not get this post. 

In this scandal, netizens have responded, and few of the viewers favor the actress while others oppose her. Many users even said posting this kind of private clip on the public platform is ridiculous.

Social Media Links-


The video gained popularity due to its explicit content, and viewers have shared it. But it has been removed from many social sites.


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Rebecca Klopper Twitter-FAQs-

Q.1 Who has posted this video?

Ans- Not known.

Q.2 Is this video creating controversy for the actress?

Ans- Yes.

Q.3 Who has picturized this video?

Ans- It might be her ex-partner.

Q.4 What is the age of the actress?


Q.5 How many years was she active?

Ans- 2013 to present.

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