Real Trumpy Bear Reviews {March 2022} Is It A Legit Site?

Real Trumpy Bear Reviews has investigated an online store selling Teddy Bear and presented its final finding in this review.

The 45TH President of the United States has been in the news for many reasons during his tenure. He may have lost the presidential election, but the Biden administration’s Afghan fiasco and other blunders keep him alive in public memory. Trump is still admired for his nationalist approach and work done to save jobs for locals.

Trump fans can show their love for the former President by presenting Trumpy Bear to their loved ones this festive season. To know more about this invaluable gift, read Real Trumpy Bear Reviews till the end.

What is Real Trumpy Bear com?

The Trumpy Bear website was opened to cash in the popularity of Donald Trump. The former United States President has many facets to his personality, and different enterprises use it for their gains. This website tried to bring Trump, patriotism and Teddy Bear together to make a beautiful gift for Americans.

Details of Trumpy Bear product:

  • 22-inch Trumpy Bear
  • A flag-themed blanket is available with this Bear
  • At present, this product is priced at $19.95

Since this product has an emotional connection, its demand will fluctuate during the different periods. To check Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit or Scam, let’s look at its specifications and other details in the upcoming section of the Review.

Specifications of Real Trumpy Portal:

  • Domain age – 3 years and three months old (6th August 2018)
  • Website address –
  • Product sold – Teddy Bear
  • Payment method – Visa, Master, Amex and Discover cards applicable.
  • Shipping policy – Free shipping for standard delivery(2 to 4 weeks)
  • Return policy – 30 day return period from the delivery date
  • Email address –
  • Contact number – +1 972-387-8077
  • Physical address – Exceptional Product INC, Dallas, Texas, 752444-8021, U.S.
  • Owner details – Exceptional Products INC.
  • Newsletter – Not available

Features in Favor of Real Trumpy Bear Website:

  • Real Trumpy Bear Reviews find the free shipping service for standard delivery in the customer’s favour, and shoppers wanting expedited delivery can pay $10 per delivery.
  • The product has an emotional appeal and may give more value to some customers.
  • Email address and contact number will help customers solve their queries related to the product in real-time.
  • Online shoppers have multiple paying options on this site.

Cons of Trumpy Bear online store:

  • Not many products are available for customers to choose from, as a teddy bear with some unique features is only sold on this site.
  • Missing policy pages – Some important policy web pages are missing for this site.

Is Real Trumpy Bear Legit?

It is always beneficial to check the e-commerce platform’s legitimacy before purchasing any product. Many things go in favour of the Trumpy Bear portal, but our investigation team has put some more details in this section for online buyers.

  • Domain age – Above three years old (6th August 2018) three plus old website has more credibility than young-aged site.
  • Alexa Ranking – 3,071,535 is the ranking of this portal according to Alexa, which points to low traffic on the site.
  • Trust Score – Legit Review sites have given a trust score of 86 percent to the Trumpy portal. Real Trumpy Bear Reviews find this score good enough to increase the credibility of this online store.
  • Social media presence – Social media accounts of Facebook and Instagram are attached to this website. There are many followers of Trumpy Bear on Facebook social media.
  • Trust index – Scam sites have given a trust index of 75.7 percent to Trumpy bear.
  • Owner details – This site is owned by Exceptional Products, Inc., located in Texas.
  • Domain expiry date – 6th August 2022 is the expiry date for this domain.
  • Missing policy – Some important policy web pages like shipping and payment detail are missing for this store.

What are Real Trumpy Bear Reviews?

This product is sold on the company’s website and some famous marketplace. We found no customer reviews on the order page of the company site, but some marketplace customer has given it a 4.1 rating with 13 reviews.

Mention of former President Name brings extreme emotions; therefore, some customers are questioning its manufacturing base and material used for making the teddy bear. Also, check the Teddy Bear Facebook page. has 10,976 likes from 11,582 people following it.

Moreover, you can also check for the Scam website here.

Final verdict:

Trumpy Bear website may be a controversial online store due to the mention of political figure names, but Real Trumpy Bear Reviews found nothing suspicious about this portal. People having political interests can present this attractive gift with a political message to their loved ones.

Trump fans can share their thoughts about Trumpy Bear in the comment section below. Online shoppers facing difficulty in getting their Credit card refund can click here.

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  1. Your “thorough and complete investigation” missed the mark big time, Trumpy Bear is priced at THREE payments of $19.95 each, making total price $59.85 before any incidental charges.


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