Benefits of Real Estate SMS Marketing

An advertising tool that hits right on target. This can be said about SMS marketing, which is the distribution of text messages through a database of customer phone numbers. After all, rarely one of us will not read the SMS that comes to the phone. And rarely does anyone part with smartphones, right?

Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of SMS marketing in real estate to understand whether it is worth using for your business purposes.

Due to the ability to engage customers and maintain their attention by fusing text with images, gifs, emojis, or videos, text message marketing may greatly boost your real estate leads. But why is sms marketing for real estate investors so beneficial?

Text messages are easy to grasp 

Whether using ordinary phones or smart devices, sending SMS messages is a basic function of mobile devices. As a result, employing SMS in your text marketing for real estate campaigns won’t require you to learn anything because people are already familiar with how text messages operate.

Additionally, consumers can reply to your SMS more quickly since they always have their phones with them, no matter where they are. 

Marketing SMS has a higher open rate 

Information reaches potential clients significantly faster due to the typical 5-minute opening rate of text messages. Since there are less marketing messages in people’s text message inboxes than in their email inboxes, when they receive a message, they check it almost instantly. Emails frequently get lost in a sea of bills, newsletters, and marketing flyers, which is just what you want to avoid.

Text messages are cost-effective

Setting up a sms for real estate marketing is actually far less expensive and has a significantly greater lead generation rate than doing it via email or post. When someone reads your advertisement, they are more inclined to send a quick text message to a short phone number than to sit down and write out a lengthy email to request additional information about the property. You may quickly add their phone number to your list of prospective leads after receiving the text message and use it for further marketing.

SMS adds a more personal touch

Even for real estate marketing, SMS is a much nicer method to connect than email, that is somewhat impersonal. We frequently receive texts from friends, relatives, or other individuals we consider to be significant enough to have our phone number. 

Also, text messaging is more like a natural conversation than email. When you communicate via text messages, it’s a lot easier for both parties to search through the conversation and find important real estate information, whereas with emails, you need to do a bit more work.

There are fewer barriers in SMS communication

At least 45% of all emails sent are spam. That’s why people are so hesitant to even accept advertisements in their inboxes. Additionally, individuals frequently employ spam filtering software, which stop actual emails from reaching their receivers.

With SMS for real estate marketing, there is no such barrier to entry. Of course, you shouldn’t abuse this privilege, as annoyed potential customers can still block your phone number.

You can automate the process

You don’t need to provide a different response for each SMS you get, which is another fantastic aspect of real estate SMS marketing. Instead, you can use a text marketing platform or address to the SMS marketing company and set up custom responses on the basis of specific keywords and thus deliver the information you need faster. For instance, you may already have an automated text message prepared to be sent if they are seeking for listing pricing.

Tips for real estate agents who want to try SMS marketing

  • By sending promotional notifications to everyone indiscriminately, there is a risk of becoming a spammer, which subscribers are likely to block. It’s a fine line between promotion and intrusiveness, as well as faux pas. Therefore, never send your SMS in the evening or at night, as well as in the early morning, so as not to irritate customers.
  • Don’t send several SMS in a row, such a “machine-gun burst” will definitely bring you away from desired results. If you don’t have an informational reason to send SMS-mailing, it is better to take a break. 
  • Also, always be careful what you write, avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Don’t write too much, it is desirable that the number of characters in the text doesn’t exceed 160.
  • If among the recipients of your mailing list there are those who are absolutely not interested in it, then why waste time and your budget on them? Better think about how subscribers can unsubscribe from SMS mailings. You can do this at the end in the form of a link, for example.

Where can be the catch?

An SMS notification is first displayed on the screen, and your task is to make the subscriber, after reading the first lines, want to open the message and even follow the link. However, the text in the SMS should still inspire confidence, because recently phishing attacks on users, especially entrepreneurs, have become more frequent.

Still, people trust information where there is no anonymity anymore. And customers also like an individual approach, if they feel care and attention from the real estate agent, then their loyalty only grows stronger. So engage this in your text message marketing for real estate. As an example, we can cite a text mailing from banks that indicates your name in the message, and then offer some valuable and necessary service for you, because they have monitored and analyzed your needs in advance and know what you may want.

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