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This article mentions a South Korean manga series that revolves around the main character Ha Leeha and his planning. Read Mystic Musketeer Manga.

Are you a follower of the Manga comic series? Do you like to explore more Asian comics, which are gaining massive popularity recently? Then you can understand more about the manga series that is gaining popularity as it is about a realistic game. 

Manga followers and fans from the United States are excited about this entertaining comic which is different from the other comic series as it provides its readers a new perspective. Read Mystic Musketeer Manga to understand more in-depth.

About this Comic

Mystic Musketeer Manga series was released on 10th February 2021. This comic release was mainly accepted by comic fans worldwide due to the freshness of this story’s content. This series is based on three main genres like fantasy, adventure, and action.

Even though this comic is on South Korean Manga, it is published in English to gain international acceptance. The main character of this comic is Ha Leeha, whose greatest wish is to join the army, which unfortunately got delayed due to an accident. 

Read Mystic Musketeer Manga

  • After an accident that delayed his dream of joining the army, Ha Leeha wanted to do something extraordinary.
  • He started to play a Virtual Reality game, Middle earth.
  • He planned to arrange money for his surgery so that he can achieve his dream.
  • The initial plan was to earn money by playing this VR game. He started to play as a musketeer in the beginning as he had no money with him.
  • Musketeer is considered the least important character of the game with fewer skills, powers, and influence.

 More About the Comic

  • According to research on Read Mystic Musketeer Manga, he was only left with one option to play as a musketeer.
  •  Musketeer is the only free character available in the game.
  • The unfortunate incident that led to the loss of his legs left him with not many options.
  • This incident is described well in the very first episode of the comic.
  • After the terrific incident, he was bedridden for many days and was not involved in other activities.
  • After seeing him in this condition for many days, his mother was worried about his mental and physical condition. Continue reading this article to Read Mystic Musketeer Manga.
  • His mother then brought him a VR game that he can play with the help of his cousin.
  • After logging in to the virtual game, he found virtual legs which he felt like his real legs.
  • The following chapters will unfold his gaming experience using VR and his struggle to win the game to earn money.  


Mystic Musketeer Manga is an exciting comic that is highly entertaining, and it keeps the readers curious throughout the story. The situation of Ha Leeha creates sympathy for him among the readers. 

Have you read any similar manga series like Read Mystic Musketeer Manga? If yes, kindly share your reading experience with us.

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