Razor Claw Legends Arceus (Feb) Read Essential details!

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Have you heard about razor claw in the pokemon game? Are you a game lover? Well, nowadays, people are engaging themselves in playing online games. Online games provide an entertaining experience.

People living in different countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Canada, and Australia engage more in playing online games. This article is purely based on how to get Razor Claw Legends Arceus in the pokemon game.

What is Razor claw in Pokemon?

The Razor Claw is an item that increases the possibility of a Pokemon making a critical strike. Sneasel can also hold it while leveling it up at night to evolve it into Weavile. This item is available for purchase in a Battle Park shop.

Sneasel must have a Razor Claw to make progress into Weavile. It was first featured in Generation IV as a held item. It mimics a sharply curved claw and enhances the critical-hit ratio of the person who holds it when clutched.

This write-up will help you get every detail about the Razor Claw Legends Arceus.

What is Sneasel?

Sneasel is reimagined as a Trying to fight hybrid with a label evolution in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. With its ability to scale high landscapes throughout diverse locations, Sneasler, its Hisuian development, reflects its type change.

It does, however, employ the same evolution gear as future Sneasels: the Razor Claw. This weird claw transforms a Hisuian Sneasel to Sneasler and an ordinary Sneasel into Weavile if found in a space-time distortion.

Sneasel is indeed a bipedal Pokémon that looks like a cat and a weasel simultaneously. It has a bluish-black body with three bright red tail feathers and a solitary one on its ear. Sneasel plays an Important role in getting Razor Claw Legends Arceus.

The female’s ear plume is shorter than the male’s. Another ear is pointy and short, with narrow crimson eyes. Its eyes are red, with black eyelash-like patterns around the edges. Yellow oval marks can be seen on its forehead and thorax. It has long limbs, hands, and feet with two enormous, retractable claws.

Sneasel is a very aggressive Pokémon, capable of inflicting significant damage with its claws. It can also use its claws to scare adversaries attempting to assault it. In boreal or sub-alpine forests, the claws are also utilized to climb trees.

How to get Razor Claw Legends Arceus?

To obtain the Razor Claw, players must have completed the game and obtained all eight gym badges. This rare item can be seen on the ground floor of Victory Road’s final floor.

When you’re using that item to develop Sneasel, please give it to the Pokemon and raise it again while the gameplay is in night mode.

Your Sneasel may evolve into Weavile if you’ve fulfilled these few steps. Unfortunately, there is no other way to obtain the Razor Claw, which means you won’t be able to obtain it until you reach Victory Road.


This article on Razor Claw Legends Arceus has everything listed about the razor claw in the pokemon game. The Razor Claw will not appear as “suitable” with Sneasel until the morning or midday of its day. The Razor Claw appears to only work on Sneasel so far.

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