Raywinds Reviews {July 2022} Is This A Legit Website?

Raywinds Online Website Reviews

This article holds genuine Raywinds Reviews about the site that deals in multiple items. 

Do you want to gather up some legit information about the Raywinds store? Moreover, many people are not able to figure out whether the website is trusted or not since these days, many scam entities are presented on the internet with the sole motive of accomplishing their illegal motives. 

However, Raywinds is a United States-based online store that is come into action a few weeks before. So, if you want to learn about the website in depth, keep reading these Raywinds Reviews.

More information about Raywinds 

According to the site’s statements, it is the online portal that focuses on selling the most up-to-date fashion products, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. At the same time, the site is also providing 30 days return policy on each item. Furthermore, on the site’s homepage, customers will find multiple products such as vanity mirrors, gloves, door knobs, towels, helmets, chandeliers, armchairs, etc. 

Besides that, the “collection” category on the dashboard is also classified into three different sections: new, hand towel, and hand-spun cotton towel. In hindsight, the site seems a bit suspicious to us for multiple reasons. However, if you are also curious to learn Is Raywinds Legit or potential fraud, read further.

What are the specifications of Raywinds?

  • Website’s link-  https://www.raywinds.com
  • Products- Home décor, clothing, shoes, sports, etc 
  • Email address- support@raywinds.com 
  • Company address- 270 Columbus Ave, New York, New York 10023, United States.
  • Product return and exchange policy- Within 30 working days 
  • Payment method- Visa, MasterCard, paypal 
  • Estimated shipping cost-$3.40 for all domestic orders 
  • Newsletter- Not specified 
  • Social media icons- Icons are mentioned 
  • Contact number- +1 929-508-0295
  • Delivery period-4-6 business days 
  • Refund policy-  Not specified 
  • Domain establishment date- 17/05/2022

Indeed, the website seems freshly created, so it is essential to consider reading the shopper’s Raywinds Reviews before finalizing the purchase.

What are the gains of shopping from this portal?

  • The URL of the e-store is HTTPS verified.
  • For immediate help, it has to share the entire contact information.
  • It provides free 30 days returns on all orders.
  • The domestic shipping cost is too low. 

What are the drawbacks of shopping from this portal?

  • The customer remarks are missing from the portal.
  • The site contains misleading information.
  • It is not presented on any of the social media portals. 
  • The site’s outlook is similar to the scam portals. 
  • Most of the categories hold the same items. 

Is Raywinds Legit?

According to the current analysis, the site has gained countless red flags, which indicate that it is somewhat a dubious portal. Therefore, to clarify the shopper’s doubts, we have provided detailed information under this section. 

Moreover, in this era, many scamming portals exist on the internet that especially came into the establishment to achieve their fraudulent motives. 

Kindly check the below-specified pointers.

  • Domain Created -The portal’s web domain was established on 17/05/2022, which is only a few weeks old. 
  • Customer reviews- On the authorized portal, no customer remarks are mentioned. In addition, there are no ratings and shopper’s Raywinds Reviews published on the reliable feedback portals. 
  • Domain expiration date- The website’s domain is validated for only a year as it will terminate after 17/05/2023. 
  • Social media icons- Indeed, on the official portal, various social media icons are published, but none of them hold valid links. 
  • Trust rank- Out of 100%, the site has gained a 38.4% trust rank. 
  • Address reliability- Indeed, the website has mentioned complete contact details on it, but unfortunately, the specified address appears copied. 
  • Impersonated content: In the R&D, it is clarified that the product images and content all seem copied. 
  • Trust score- Warning! This online website has gained very bad trust score of 2% only. 

Raywinds Reviews

In the meantime, we have thoroughly explored all the possible fields in search of the shopper’s feedback, but unfortunately, we failed to gather the information regarding the customer reviews. In addition, there is no feedback presented on the internet as well. 

Therefore, shoppers should perform throughout research before reaching any conclusion. Read here, how to get a claim for your lost money through paypal?

Wrapping up 

In the end, we concluded that this online clothing, shoes, and household products offering website come out highly suspicious. Similarly, the experts advised staying away from this portal to avoid the risk of getting scammed. Consequently, in these Raywinds Reviews

we have pulled off all the facts that are required to be verified. So, stay cautious and research well before adding any parts to the cart. Find here the steps to get your money back via credit card.

Do you want to place your order on this site? Then share your remarks below.

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