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This article answers the query Rakaia Bridge Closed and offers all the relevant information about a related incident.

Road accidents are not something unheard of, and many fatal accidents are recorded worldwide daily. However, there have been many life-threatening accidents in New Zealand during the Labor Day weekend, which is a matter of concern. 

Another accident has occurred at the Rakaia Bridge. Users are curious to know more about the accident and the bridge’s status, which has made Rakaia Bridge Closed trending.

This incident has shocked people and has become the subject of some considerable media attention. Keep reading this article to know more about this bridge and the recent accident.

What is Rakaia Bridge?

Rakai Bridge is one of the better-known bridges in New Zealand that have a crossage with the Rakaia River. This river is one of the largest braided rivers in Canterbury. The bridge is quite old and has been in active operation since 1939. 

It forms a crucial part of State Highway 1. We’ll get to the Rakaia Bridge Closed query shortly that’s trending in New Zealand.

What’s Happened At Rakaia Bridge?

An unfortunate and tragic incident has taken place on this bridge. Would you please look at the details below to know more?

  • There was an accident at the Rakaia Bridge which claimed the life of a person.
  • It’s reported that eight people have lost their lives this Labor Day weekend.
  • At about 9.45 am on Rakaia Bridge, a truck and a motorcycle crashed.
  • The accident was fatal, and the motorcycle rider, unfortunately, lost his life.
  • Authorities filed the incident in the Selwyn District in Canterbury.
  • This accident has also received some media coverage.

Is Rakaia Bridge Closed?

There have been many developments regarding the closing and opening of this bridge since the accident. Please look at the entire timeline below.

  • After the accident, the state highway between Main Rakaia Road and Elizabeth Avenue was closed.
  • The Serious Crash Unit went on-site to examine and investigate the circumstances of the accident.
  • People traveling through the region reported that they were asked to find an alternative route.
  • The police also suggested that the bridge will be closed for some time.
  • However, after some time, a new update revealed that authorities cleared the bridge for use.
  • Rakaia Bridge Closed became trendy as users were curious to know why this bridge was closed and obtain all other related details.
  • According to the latest update, the bridge is now fully open for use. 
  • Read more about the bridge here

The Final Verdict         

An unfortunate incident has taken place on the Rakaia Bridge, which has claimed the life of a motorcycle rider. All the details about this accident and the status of the Rakaia Bridge are mentioned above. 

Where did you first hear about this news? Have you been near the Rakaia Bridge today? Let’s offer some support to the ones affected by this Rakaia Bridge Closed accident in the comments.

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