Rajah Wordle {May 2022} Why Is This Answer Trending?

Scroll down this article and get every important information related to the Rajah Wordle and the definition of this word.

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This wordle will be a little complex for those born in the United States of America and the United Kingdom because this Rajah Wordle is not an English language. So, follow this article to know about the answer to this wordle.

What will be the answer for wordle Rajah?

As per the hints of May 19, 2024, wordle game number 1065, we came to know that the answer will be RAJAH. This is not an English language. The origin of this word is India. Rajah used to call those who were the supreme leaders.

As the government was now ruling the country two hundred years ago, Rajah used to rule a country. If you verify the hints that have been given for this wordle, you can easily solve this answer.

Rajah Definition:

As we discussed earlier, this language is not English. This language is called HINDI. So, the word Rajah defines the almighty king or the ruler of any state. Rajah can be found in the early 1800 century when they used to rule the people.

Lots of synonyms are there for the word Rajah, these synonyms will help you understand this word, and you will be amazed to know that this word is also compatible with the Wordle.

  • A king or the prince of India.
  • A ruler has achieved the title.
  • It also describes honour.

These are the few synonyms of the word Rajah.

Rajah Wordle and important things about Wordle:

Lots of hints are available that will help you to solve this answer. Those are as follows: 

  • You all need to know that a vowel will always be there to solve a wordle.
  • You will find various hints that will be available in front of you. It would help if you thought about the answer without wasting your attempts.
  • Only six attempts will be provided to all the players who played the wordle game to solve puzzles.
  • The players in a day can solve only one puzzle. 
  • Like today’s wordle, you also need to know the Rajah Definition.

Why is this Rajah topic now on trend?

Many crazy gamers want to solve the wordle puzzle at the earliest. Hence, they are trying to record all the answers recorded in advance; hence along with the wordle May 19, 2022 answer, many puzzle solvers have tried finding out the answer for May 19, 2024.

Final Verdict:

As per the internet research, we know that the answer to May 19’s wordle number 1065 is RAJAH. People get confused because it is not an English word. The meaning of the word Rajah is King. It is a word that Indians have used 200 years.

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