Rad Spencer Jackson Hole {March} Read His Death Incident!

Read about the death of a skier Rad Spencer Jackson Hole, on Sunday afternoon. Rangers found him unresponsive when rescued. What happened next?

The news about Rad Spencer spread on the internet, with the most search trafficfrom the United States. Radcliff Spencer incident at Jackson Hole search results pops up the information about a successful and popular real estate agent Mr Rad Spencer, who is also a resident of Jackson, Wyoming. 

Did you also come across such search results on the internet? Would you like to know what happened to Radcliff Spencer? Then, read the below article about Rad Spencer Jackson Hole.

What happened on Sunday Afternoon?

The incident is related to the death of Radcliff Spencer on 13th February 2022. Radcliff Spencer went to have a skiing adventure with four of his friends. 

Rad’s Identity:

Radcliff Spencer was a 27 years old skier from Jackson, Wyoming. It is yet to be confirmed if Mr Rad Spencer, a resident of Jackson, Wyoming is the same person as he was also an adventurous person and posted several pictures of his trip to mountains, etc.

What happened at Apocalypse Couloir?

The rangers reported that Radcliff Spencer went skiing with his friends at the Grand Teton National Park. An eyewitness climber reported that Rad Spencer Jackson Hole fell from Apocalypse Couloir. 

What is Apocalypse Couloir?

It is a dangerous place facing N-NE-E. Couloir is technical for skiing as it is very narrow and blocked by ice bulges. Additionally, due to heavy ice formation, there are many chances for an Avalanche.

Skiing at Couloir requires a person to have ice climbing skills and a series of rappels. Due to narrow checkpoints at Couloir, a small mistake or a fall can be life-threatening.

The Rescue Operation:

Immediately after the fall of Radcliff Spencer was reported, the rangers rushed to the spot. But, it was too late, and the resuscitation operation failed. 

Death of Rad Spencer Jackson Hole:

It was reported by Radcliff Spencer eventually passed away due to injuries. The rangers found the Radcliff Spencer dead body, and later the remains of Radcliff Spencer was flown from the backcountry to the Teton County Corner. 

Four of his friends were also evacuated from Apocalypse Couloir with the help of a helicopter

Causes of Death:

The Grand Teton National Park officials updated the Jackson Hole News and Guide that as per the predictions by Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center, there were low chances of an Avalanche at Grand Teton on 13th February 2022. 

Hence, Rad Spencer Jackson Hole death was assumed to be a result of a skiing accident that resulted in life-threatening injuries and eventually led to his death. However, the rangers did not confirm what caused the accident.


In the United States, avalanches mostly occur during December and April every year. Hiking, Snowmobiles and Skiing are common causes of an avalanche getting triggered. Till 14-February-2022, nine people were reported being killed due to an Avalanche. The professional and additional personal information about Radcliff Spencer is awaited.

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