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Did you know who Claude Cahun was? Many people, including artists, do not know about her. Let’s read about famous Quotes Claude Cahun below.

In 2018, a street in Paris was named after Claude as Allee Claude Cahun et Marcel Moore to celebrate the love of two great artists. Did you know that the famous work of Claude is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in NY and the SF Museum of Modern Art? 

If you are from Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Greece, it would be interesting to know about Quotes Claude Cahun.

Who is Claude Cahun?

Claude’s birth name was Lucy Schwob. She was born on 25th October 1894 in a respectable Jewish family. She adopted the name – Claude Cahun when she was 18 years old. Lucy adopted the name as Claude can be termed for men (or) women in French. 

The speciality of Artwork:

Claude was a talented Surrealist. Her work of Avant art did not gain attention till now. Her French art was beyond imagination, and an artist can understand the thoughts of the unconscious mind involved in creating the artwork. It goes with Quotes Claude Cahun – Actuality masked as symbols are, for me, new actuality that are boundlessly preferable. I make an attempt to take them at their word. To apprehend, pack out order of images to literal interpretation.

Her Partner:

Claude in one of her quotes said that ‘Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation. neutral is the only gender that always suits me.’ Together with her romantic partner Marcel Moore, Claude created appreciable novels, writings, sculptures, stating- If I vacillate with vibrations other than yours, you must agree that my flesh is insensible.

Famous photograph and Quotes Claude Cahun:

Claude’s artwork was unique, featuring her original ideology. Many of her photographs were self-portraits. Her photograph of – What do you want from me? Showcased her with a shaved head and showed her two faces as though they were questioning each other. 

All her artwork was audacious, and many were published in – Aveux non-Avenus (1930). Her quote‘I will never be finished removing all these faces’ became famously known as ‘Under this mask, another mask.’

During the war:

Individualism? Narcissism? Of course. It is my powerful prosperity, the only deliberate stability I am capable of. Likewise, I am mendacious, I dissipate myself too much for that – is one of Quotes Claude Cahun. During world war II, Claude and Marcel escaped to Jersey Island and worked on anti-Nazi propaganda. She once said-‘If there is horror, it is for those who speak indifferently about the next war. If there is hate, it is, not nations, but for hateful qualities. If there is love, it is because it keeps me alive.’


Both Claude and Marcel were fearless activists who depicted their thoughts in the form of artwork. They were LGBTQ icons, which is becoming an important part of today’s discussions about gender and freedom. After their death, Quotes Claude Cahun, their artwork was dismissed as observational, difficult to follow, inconspicious, and nearly lost. 

Finally, do you think Claude’s work is getting known and receiving attention these days? Let us know your views about Doodle to reject Gender Binary.

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