Quilltop Reviews (March 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

Have you researched the Internet for honest public Quilltop Reviews? If yes, kindly detect a website’s truth explained in this composition to avoid fraud.

Do you want a best-seller, and a cosy T-shirt? Then, please find the legitimacy of a United Statesbased company pretending to sell quality materials. 

A survey has demonstrated that T-shirts are one of the desirable clothing outfits in demand nowadays. Moreover, a few reasons for suffering from t-shirts include comfortability, saving time, durability, being perfect for almost all occasions, etc. 

So, seeing the increased need for T-shirts in the market, many firms have started manufacturing them. Let us now peel one of such websites by revealing genuine Quilltop Reviews

Describing The Website

Quilltop.com is an online retail shop holding a group of professionals to deliver the first-rate T-shirt. Moreover, they have mentioned that the extreme dedication and hard labour delivered the product. Upon evaluating the portal, we have got only one T-shirt listed. However, they have quoted that the item has many benefits, including durability, reliability, etc., and will satisfy the shopper’s needs. 

Also, they have written that the T-shirt is double-stitched with premium materials in delicate regions. So, let us reveal the site’s more detail in the following section. 

Crucial Checkpoints To Flash Is Quilltop Legit?

  • They will process the refund application within 3-5 days after getting the returned parcel. 
  • The store’s official URL is https://www.quilltop.com.
  • 429 Gwinnett Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, United States, the firm’s address.
  • Their newsletter facility will inform you about the latest deals. 
  • +1 689 204 1200 is their phone number. 
  • They take payments by major cards, PayPal, etc. 
  • Their store operates from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. 
  • Their return policy guidelines stated that you would have to return their item within 30 days. 
  • By investigating the Quilltop Reviews deeply, we have detected that 03-10-2021 is its creation date, implying that it is 3 months and 22 days old. 
  • We have seen the presence of social icons. 
  • The exchange policy also remains valid for 30 days only. 
  • It is a retail store providing only one t-shirt. 
  • The shipping’s transit time will consume 3 to 5 days. 
  • They will answer your queries if you mail them at support@quilltop.com. 
  • They will hand your item to you from Monday to Friday in 1-2 working days.

How Is The Portal Satisfied?

  • According to the Quilltop Reviews, the social links are available. 
  • The calling number, email and office address are present. 
  • Over the portal, the newsletter feature is given. 
  • Quilltop.com provides a free shipping option. 

Why Deny The Site?

  • The social links are defective.
  • The site’s trust rank is low, i.e. 26.6/100
  • Only a 2% trust score is gathered. 
  • The Trustpilot comments are absent. 

Is Quilltop A Cheater?

  • Location’s Reality– A car prep store is found at the given address. 
  • Site’s Expiry Date- 03-10-2022 is its freezing date. 
  • Social Links Activity– By going through the Quilltop Reviews, we have realized that the quoted social links are inactive, creating suspicion. 
  • Policies– The policies cited are appropriate. 
  • Trust Rank– We got a deficient value for the site. 
  • Shopper’s Response– The users’ comments are not derived on Trustpilot. Also, over the website, no consumer reports are gathered. But, on YouTube, a user claimed that it seems to be a scam looking at its delicate information. 
  • Alexa Rank– Quilltop.com doesn’t hold any Alexa Rank value. 
  • Concession Seen– The untrustworthy rebates are not given. 
  • Owner’s Name– No information is spotted over the website to peel Is Quilltop Legit?
  • Portal’s Age– Quilltop.com is 3 months and 22 days old from today, registered on 03-10-2021. 
  • Trust Score– An unreliable value of 2% is found. 

Buyer’s Explanation 

Our investigation for the website’s actuality was tough as we found no comments on Trustpilot and the portal. But, after diving deeper, we have rescued a buyer opinion claiming that all the related facts are pointing that it might be a fraud. Also, the broken social connection and the poor algorithms have raised warnings. Read here to get your money back from the PayPal rackets


The writing on Quilltop Reviews has proposed the website’s related information, including its specifications, downfalls, etc. Moreover, we have revealed that the site has only one T-shirt. Also, the missing social links have increased its dubious activity. 

Therefore, after exploring the site’s minute details, we have designated it as questionable and suspicious. Visit here if credit card frauds have tricked you. 

Have you had experience with this portal to share? If you have any relative proof, then tell us below. 

13 thoughts on “Quilltop Reviews (March 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. Bought mini fridge from them. No tracking. Tracking on website doesn’t work. Phone number doesn’t work. Bounce back from email. Reported to paypal and BBB

  2. Thought I purchased raised flowerbed and after I hit place order the confirmation page closed. I think tjus quilltop site is fraud.

  3. I purchased raised flowerbed , never received it. Emailed them wrong tracking number. Sent me another tracking number said it was delivered. Nope. Call post office to investigate. Post office claims it was an eight ounce package which I still didn’t get a package. Obvious my order weighs more than 8 ounces. They keep emailing me with 2 different names saying check with post office. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM !! Total rip ouff scam artist!!

  4. I was going to buy a Cat wheel that normally sells for $250 but was listed on their site for $80. I got suspicious and went looking to see what I could find on their site. Thanks to this site, you all just saved me that money. Thank you so much!

  5. After looking at what people have be saying, I did a google search for the address, it doesn’t even exist. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, street view up and down that road, doesn’t give any location with that business name on the road. So yes, more then likely, it is a scam.

    • Hello Rich V, Nice to hear you got justice. It is true that scammers grab the attention of the buyers. They have some common tricks, the buyers should keep in mind before any transaction. Thanks for detailed information. Take care.


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